Acne gone should I still take accutane

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by 350lift, Aug 8, 2019.

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    i haven’t started it because doctor said to wait a month I’m moving so I have to go to a new doctor.

    Is this shit a bad idea to take if it’s only for acne that I get on cycle? I prefer not losing my hair or anything worse.
    But I still plan to cycle for years so it might be worth not having the scars if I get lucky and get out side effect free.
    I’m on 200mg test and I just have problems with blackheads and super oily skin
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  3. TitaniumGear (TGI)

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    I took it for 3 months. Started slow. 20mg a day. Then 40mg a day after 3 weeks. Stayed there. I got no chapped lips or any of that. Less oil and acne stopped. Came off (now off) oil is back but not as bad. Read a thread a guy was on for 2 years and stopped. So did his excess body oil. I love the stuff. Doing it again for 6 months when i blast next. I want to balance my oil, not kill it. So I'm still experimenting with it.
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    That’s what I was considering taking 40mg Ed for 5 months and continuing if it didn’t give the results I want.

    Instead of jumping into possible some high ass doctor prescribed dose. Idk.
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    Doc advice over my experience any day. I will not be responsible for anyone treating their body like the dumpster mine is.
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