Actual Custom Cycle Used To Turn Pro

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  1. Bill Roberts

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    There's nothing vastly expensive about doing this when having the right connections for the gear.

    Even when I was a graduate student I had no problem affording a gram per week, including sometimes even Winstrol which was pricey, and was able to afford Chinese GH.

    And I only had very ordinary over-the-Internet pricing. Except that the TA component of the stacks, I did make myself from Fina.

    That's not to say that those coming up don't deserve respect for the difficulties involved before having endorsement deals: they absolutely do. I was only addressing that the costs involved don't need to be anywhere as high as sometimes claimed in magazines and so forth ($30K/year or whatever. I am supposing the authors are doing things like estimating GH cost off of pharmacy prices.)
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  2. MR10X

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    This is a bit off topic but was there ever a HG Finaject made for human use.I used some in 1987 but cant remember if it was Hg or vet grade.
  3. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    I don't think so but could be wrong.

    Not as a US drug certainly, and I hadn't thought so as a European drug.
  4. heavyiron

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    The food costs more than the gear. Its insane what a guy has to spend on food. This man has a sup contract so I think he gets protein for free along with other BB'ing OTC sups but still, the solid food is probably the single biggest cost.
  5. Samue

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    That makes me extremely jelous haha
  6. Millard Baker

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    Exactly! Anyone who is spending more money on drugs and supplements (not including protein powder) is doing something wrong!
  7. Millard Baker

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    I think Parabolan was only trenbolone preparation sold as human grade pharmaceutical. But it wasn't the short-acting acetate ester.
  8. Sworder

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    What is the reasoning behind using clen during the whole cycle? I mean wasn't the first phase bulking? Any benefit of using clen when on a bulking diet?
  9. heavyiron

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    He really wanted it in the course however I personally don't like the effects of Clen. It just makes me too shaky and jittery. I imagine it may have helped him uptake more nutrients but not sure on his reasoning.
  10. body by cookies and cake

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    could u die running this 12 week cycle if you decided after a few light cycles you were gonna hit the aas this hard?

    where do you inject all of it, 3cc is teh max per injection correct?

    does the GH even bring anything to teh table in this short period of time.

    how do pro's avoid myostatin?

    would u gain over 30-40 lbs on this?
  11. mac111

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    am i the only one to notice this is just BS spamming?! whats the relevance of the pic of the two vials in post one?? :rolleyes:
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    Totally agree!