Acute Testosterone Administration Does Not Affect Muscle Anabolism

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    [OA] Acute testosterone Administration Does Not Affect Muscle Anabolism

    We previously demonstrated that improved net muscle protein balance, via enhanced protein synthetic efficiency, occurs 5 days after testosterone (T) administration. Whether the effects of T on muscle protein kinetics occur immediately upon exposure is not known.

    We investigated the effects of acute T exposure on leg muscle protein kinetics and selected amino acid (AA) transport using the arteriovenous balance model, and direct calculations of mixed-muscle protein fractional synthesis (FSR) and breakdown (FBR) rates. Four healthy men were studied over a 5 h period with and without T (infusion rate, 0.25 mg·min− 1).

    Muscle protein FSR, FBR, and net protein balance (direct measures and model derived) were not affected by T, despite a significant increases in arterial (p = 0.009) and venous (p = 0.064) free T area under the curve during T infusion. T infusion had minimal effects on AA transport kinetics, affecting only the outward transport and total intracellular rate of appearance of leucine.

    These data indicate that exposing skeletal muscle to T does not confer immediate effects on AA kinetics or muscle anabolism. There remains an uncertainty as to the earliest discernable effects of T on skeletal muscle protein kinetics after initial administration.

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