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    Hey guys, when I was young I was diagnosed with ADD and took Ritalin. Today, 25+ years later, I was prescribed Adderall.

    How many of you used this? I'm taking 10mg the first two days then 20mg starting day 3.

    Has it helped you long term?
  2. Only liked it for the high. Counterproductive for this lifestyle, at least for me, but to each their own.
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  3. rugerjitsu

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    It’s one of the most abused drugs on the market. It’s prescription meth. I’m no doctor, but I don’t see ANYTHING positive from long term use.

    I don’t know what to tell you other than I would seek out second, third, and forth opinions...unless, you really just want to party all night.
  4. bambam333

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    No I would use sparingly that’s just me personally. I would feel awesome after I took it then come down and be angry as shit unless I took another one. Can cause dopamine depletion in the brain and it’s amphetamine so long term I would be guessing not good for the heart. Plus it gave be coke dick. Wonderful drug if you got some important shit to do but the way the prescribe it in my opinion is fuckin stupid but to each their own
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  5. LeoTC

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    Yep, was prescribed all kinds of shit ahem I was a kid - Ritalin, Kolonapin, Kolonadine, Wellbutrin.

    Refused to actually take any of it after the first time. Just had the dude I was making deliveries for buy it all off me. Just get a grip on your shit and avoid it all together.

    My advice anyway.
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  6. FOXDlE

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    Limitless pill IMO. However you’re not going to want to eat, have sex, sleep, or be happy unless you take it. I like to do all these things on the daily. It’s a no for me dog.
  7. CAswole

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    Only ever took it to get high. As said earlier its just prescription meth.
  8. Savagesteve

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    I took the time released ones as a teenager (not prescribed) and I could stay up 2 days easily. As mentioned, it doesn’t help this lifestyle as I couldn’t eat for shit or sleep on it.
  9. I took Adderall while studying to get into law school...that aside, in the world of anadolics, Adderall will give you dry mouth, loss of appetite, anxiety, headaches, shakes like you were on clenbutrol all day,
    vasoconstriction (let that one sink in for a moment)...these are just a few.
    If your looking for an academic edge for a short time frame, ok, but not if your thinking in terms of performance benefits.
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  10. Might be beneficial for cutting, given that it will blunt the appetite, but for me, that effect was too strong and it was serious work just getting down enough calories to avoid complete emaciation.
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  11. Not worth it...I think it’s counterproductive to everything we do. There are much better ways to cut and many other options to curb ones appetite.
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    Like IM said vasoconstriction = zero pump in the gym.. ads will leave you feeling flat .. gives you ED over time.. serves no purpose in the gym. Shit sleep, shit appetite, shit pumps. ... I had been prescribed the shit for many years. Put it down a few months back.. one of the better decisions I’ve made.
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  13. 80mg IR per day, split 40 and 40. Been taking it for 7 years. Lost a lot of weight the first 6 months or so and made it hard to fall asleep. The only side effect now is occasional heartburn. I’m 6’1 260 hence the dose.
  14. FiEnD

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    Ok so I suppose I never thought it to be beneficial in the gym so I'm not surprised on the feedback here. I've had a lot of issues with concentration lately. Same with feeling mental fog and fatigue. I'm hoping the Adderall will help. So far so good this is day 3.
  15. FiEnD

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    Can't figure out what IR stands for
  16. Logan44551

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    Instant realease
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  17. FiEnD

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    Makes sense. That's common though right? If it's not time released then it's instant release?
  18. balco

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    Actually there actually is prescription methamphetamine it's called dextromethamphetamine, adderall is a mix of different amphetamine salts levo/dextro. Dextro amphetamines give a more euphoric effect that can make it more difficult to concentrate so adderall adds a mix.

    Edit: I agree adderall is addictive as fuck, but there's nothing better for laser beam focus.
    Just like everything in life there are consequences to taking short cuts, and adderall is a huge shortcut.
    military airforces around the prescribe amphetamines to their pilots to keep them sharp.
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  19. FiEnD

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    I regret not getting on it sooner honestly
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  20. balco

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    The sides are way too intense even at low doses for me, and secondly I dont want to be on amphetamines long term. I get super quiet, I sweat like bitch, I smell worse and I get ticks, but it works so fucking well for an academic/work environment.