Adding a different anabolic rather then more test

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    Who's this Dr Jim guy...damn.
    I see what I've been missing by never posting.
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    All AAS are similar to testosterone except trenbolone so why add more?
    1-1.5g of test and 600mg anabolic of your choice is golden.
    Good luck trying to be massive with low test
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    Or 1.5 grams of something else and lower test.
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    Also...if one does go for the higher AAS with lower test (let's say deca) What's the trade off when considering an AI and prolactin pill?

    You won't have to use as much AI but will be using something for prolactin. Which is heatheir on your body anyway. High Estro or high prolactin.
    My nipples leaked from high tren e before and npp. What are the other scary sides of prolactin in men.
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    I'm on my first 500mg and 50mg Anavar cycle. Where would you guys go for a 2nd cycle, for a guy that doesn't want to commit to TRT? I hear deca shuts down bad, so maybe just add mast to the 500mg of test? I'd like to avoid any orals due to liver.
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    (I’m primarily refering to the TRT
    and anti-aging clinics in Calif)

    That’s like asking why do some surgeons operate on patients who have little to gain, and a lot more to lose, from back surgery

    Or why every patient who enters
    a TRT clinic leaves w a TT RX

    Or why chiropractors insist on weekly therapies

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    That's what they did in the 70s and 80s

    Their main size and strength builders were orals, usually Dbol.
    Injectables were mild like Deca and Primo, and used at low dosages, like 600 mg per week.

    OTOH dosages were fairly high:

    In an interview published by Iron Magazine, Mentzer supposedly revealed his dosages:

    “I took 400mg of deca durabolin every 10-14 days,….and no more than five Dianabol a day.”

    However, Casey Viator, another gifted and popular bodybuilder, revealed that:

    “Mentzer used up to 2.5 grams of deca a week, God knows how much primobolin acetate, along with d-bol and growth, so as I said don’t be fooled about our low doses as we were just as reckless as theses guys are today.”

    In an article entitled “Training With Arnold“, the wrestler Ric Drasin wrote the following:

    “Arnold and Franco would bring their supply from Europe. They had the best. Primobolan and Dianabol was what they used at the time. I got all of that I needed from them. Franco would give me the shot as it was a preloaded needle about 3 in long! Scared the hell out of me. But, the results I got from their stuff was awesome. I blew up and got really hard on it.”

    Sergio said he got sick of needles so did 7 dbol 3 times a day and Rick Wayne said in his book Arnold had 8 for breakfast. imagine how much that would equal in modern dbol? Freddy ortiz and Pete Grymkowski took the whole 500mg bottle daily for a post show rebound

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