Adding cut to end of bulk cycle thoughts

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    Getting ready to start my third cycle. Original plan was:
    Test E weeks 1-12 500 mg p/w
    Anadrol weeks 1-4: 50 mg week 1, 75mg weeks 2-3, 100 mg week 4
    adex week 1-first week pct .25 mg EOD
    hcg weeks 3-13 500 IU's twice a week

    Clear out period weeks 13-15

    pct: clomid weeks 16-18 50 mg ED split dose
    nolva weeks 16-19 20 mg ED

    My question is, if around the 10 week mark, I decide I puffed up more than expected and want to lean out a bit, can I push the cycle by extending the test to 16 weeks. So, I would go 500 mg p/w 1-10, then 300 mg p/w for weeks 11-16. Would 300mg per week do a decent job at keeping muscle while I cut my cals for those 6 weeks (likely from around 3700-4k down to 2500-2800 based on past experience)?
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    Trying to bulk and cut in the same cycle seems like a good way to lose a lot of the muscle tissue you just gained. I would try to hold onto what you have, make it through pct and then try to diet down.
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    that's what i assumed, just wasnt sure if the test would be enough to hold the new gains while dieting for those 6 weeks