Adex and SEX DRIVE and ahhhhh!!!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by hattrick, Jul 26, 2013.

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    hattrick Junior Member

    [}:)]arimidex- Can it fuck up your sex drive/libido. I started taking it at day one of my cycle because im running 500mg of test e and 500mg of Eq and I wanted to keep water down but ever since then ive been falling into a depression and really fucking irritable and I don't even want to fux and im on 1000mg of sex going into third week sunday.....I didn't take adex today I switched to nolvadex instead.....seems like adex has taken my estrogen down to much before the long esters could kick in and make more estrogen its fucked with my hormone balance seriously I freak out and im depressed and can't sleep and im popping valium and still no sleep. You think nolvadex would be better since it doesn't block the estrogen like adex but lets it be just antagonizes the right receptors and acts like an agonist to other good receptors without taking estro out of your system altogether? Somethings definitely wrong though. Does anyone know more about the mechanisms of the two and if nolvadex would be better for water and not fucking killing me I feel like shit and this is about when i usually would start fucking like a rabid rabbit....
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    bickel29 Member

    How much arimidex are you running? What dose have you been taking?
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    Pericles Member

    I highly doubt that your stack, or Dex is causing depression. However, yes, Dex and especially stronger AI's like Letro will cause impotence. Also,EQ will kill your sex drive/erectile function, but for me never as long as I ran more test than EQ.

    Why did you decide on the Dex? It is my experience that a lot of guys think they have to take an AI, and then overdo it. In fact, I myself have made the same mistake. A few months ago the sales director at my gym (who was a pretty good competitive bodybuilder years ago) was getting a limp willy. I asked how much Dex he was dosing, and he said 1 mg a day. I convinced him to take .5 mgs every other day, and he is fine now.

    I was running what I considered to be a conservative amount of letro, until recently, and was having issues. I stopped all AI's (am almost down to trt levels and going off next week). For the last week, I have only been running nolva 10 mgs a day, which is plenty since I am only on 300 mgs of test. Erectile function has improved.

    Also, why are you running so much gear? How old are you, and how long have you been training? Please don't be offended, but based upon your avatar, my advice would be to train naturally and eat more before using gear.
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    beezil Member

    research 101.

    why take extra drugs if you don't even know if you have a problem yet???

    everyone wants to pop ancillaries as a precaution. precaution for what??? if you aren't susceptible to estrogen sides… leave that stuff alone.

    this isn't like wearing kevlar in combat.
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    hattrick Junior Member

    Well I didn't mean to put Kevlar over my dick Beezil just wanted to stay as dry as possible because of the fact that I am running so much gear. I agree with you tho now. Im on total of 1200mg of gear and didn't want to end up nursing my little girl.

    Perc- I am 26 I have been training since I was in high school but a different type....until college....... I ran 400 meter in low 50 seconds also won state in 800 meter relay. I played soccer "hence the name hattrick" in college but Ive always had to be running so damn much to keep my stamina performance up. So as much weight training and eating I did it was never enough to allow me to gain I couldn't take in enough calories .......That's when I met winny orals but I only got faster and hard and stronger as fuck it never left me with mass tho in fact it dropped my body fat down so low that the trainers put me on a special diet and would bring bananas to games and potassium shit I have no idea what they were feeding me before hand but still with all that I was always cramping muscle lock up can't move carry me off the field kinda thing....I was prob around 2 to 4 percent they never did the actual test but it was low enough for them to harass me so im guessing very low .....So long story short im 5 10" and my natural weight stayed around 140 to 150lbs. Never been able to gain always been ripped though. So I get sick of training natural again like in college and I go on a trt cycle- 250 test E and 200 EQ a week for 8 weeks and gain 35 pounds awesome right.. another long story short.I plateaued and couldn't gain anymore ended up having to go off for two weeks because the mail lady didn't run as planned "never will happen again" and take clomid and adex towards the end of those two weeks then stop the clomid after my nuts come back and keep running the adex at 0.5mg and start my cycle that im on now going into the 3rd week today 500 test E , 500 EQ , and I just added 200 masteron prop......I haven't taken the adex in three days I switched to nolvadex 20mg. and I think it's drying me out better at 20mg but I plan on stopping it once my masteron has had time to kick in because I know it lowers estrogen levels.....and im not sensitive to test I don't know why I took the adex like that I guess that I was trying to restart my natty test before I tanked it again because I only had a two week off of the trt and I knew I was going for 8 to 10 more weeks with higher doses to get me over the plateau so altogether it will be 8 weeks trt and 8 weeks balls to the wall then pct then im done for awhile.....any suggestions on best pct given my stupidity to run this long at my age? I got nolv, clomid, adex. I was thinking about aromasin with noladex and hcg?
    Ohhh by the way just 3 days after switching I wore my fiancé out idk if it's the test coming online or switching from adex to nolvadex? def some screaming going on was awesome man Ive been dealing with limper for a while now and so has she so it was a good day......and I can feel myself coming out of depression I think...I just felt bad before hard to describe....once again it could be test coming online or switching to nolvadex and dropping adew or a combination....

    By the looks of your avatar Perc you look like you bench about seriously you got advice im all ears. BTW my avatar was an old picture this is more up to date.....15 pounds later anyways no oil or tan kinda on the spot so I wasn't flexing or ready....-attachment-

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    hattrick Junior Member

    Im not at all offended PERC im happy you shouted out at me im 26 soon to be 27 not 18 im taking this gear for the same reason everyone else does.....
    --------train and get results in a year or two or run gear for 10 or 16 weeks and get better results than you would training naturally in a I have small stretch marks on my pecs that's how fast I went from 140 to 180........and it feels good brother im a machine I fuck like one I lift like one test is a feel good for me I love it..lmao.If I were a marriage counselor I would tell the guy to take some test and possibly the woman test prop at about 20mg........As long as I don't fuck up my natural ability to produce test once I come off then I don't see the problem with it but I agree at my age im probably pushing it with this one......and I need a good pct?
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    hattrick Junior Member

    I think EQ helps my sex-drive/performance. I know it can go either way. I've heard of people saying its like test to them only better when it comes to sex drive.... But then again I've never ran it alone so I can only "think" it helps and not be for certain due to the test that I'm running parallel to it. Speaking of sexdrivers what are "the good, the bad, and the ugly" for most people's sexdrive? . I might start a thread for that if there isn't one already another reason I like gear Herc..... I can make her wet when she looks at me and performance wise im fucking Kobe Bryant. Aside from this incident with

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