Adex vs. Aromasin

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    Ok I have always used aromasin 12.5 mg to 25 mg of pfitzer and it has always worked great.

    I picked up a habit of blazing indo to eat more and sleep more. Now my nips are achy daily gonna switch to adex and see how it works.

    Anyone have some experience using both and have some feedback.

    And I dropped the weed but they still little sore.

    20180511_200658.jpeg 14c28d3b74877b1cd9fb78e3506b075fa0252f20_00.gif
  2. In my opinion there is no need to switch to just adex. Adex won't do shit for your E2. You could throw it in to help battle the sides along with aromasin, 20-40mg daily is what is recommended by many. But if I were you I would probably go and get some bloods and then adjust your Aromasin dosage from there.
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  3. If you smoking a joint or two a day I doubt your it's affecting your estrogen. may want to look into other reasons why
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    I dropped the dank. Went through 12.5 then 25 then 12.5 then 25 of aromasin so it is daily now. And I added nolva but am about to drop that and caber. 5 2 x a week. Deca hates my nips. Lmao
  5. Have you ever ran a cycle with Deca before? If yes, did you have sides with the same dosage of asin? I'm asking because it might be an indicator that your asin is bunk or due to inexperience with the specific compound you don't know how to adjust to the correct dosage of asin beforehand.
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    Take nolva 20 mgs a day for a week. Then 10 mg for 2 weeks then stay on 5 mg nolva a day and aromasin at 25 mg every 4 days. If that do t work lower the test your body converts to estrogen to much. Start thinking of low test high anabolic cycles that dont aromatize gains are cleaner anyway water is not muscle and temporary
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    I was on
    I was on 800 test 600 deca cycle is over now.i am gonna stick with test and master and tbol for now on.feel like the deca made me paranoid.
  8. I think you were talking about nolva here not adex. I dont want any noobs seeing this and then go take 20-40mg daily of adex. (Or aromasin for that matter) Those numbers are way to high. Even for aromasin.
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    It was the weed that made you paranoid my man.
  10. Now that I read my post again I can understand why the confusion. You are totally right though. I was talking about nolvadex, I always mistake the writing on those two.

    From what I know 40mg of Nolvadex for pct purposes and/or for signs of gyno isn't uncommon and I have seen many recommend this dosage.

    As far as Aromasin is concerned, the dosage I said was meant to for the Nolvadex, not for the Aromasin. From my experience 12.5mg every 3.5 days is a good start. Then by bloodwork you adjust your dosage.

    Anyways, sorry for the confusion. Not a native english speaker here.

  11. No problem homie. I knew what you meant. ive read some of your posts, and I knohw that you know your shit. Just didnt want anyone to get confused. But yes, I often take nolva during cycle along with aromasin for gyno/e2 control. I think they work together very well.
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  12. Now that we are on this topic I'm curious about one thing and I would like yours or anyone else's input.

    On my previous and first cycle which was a simple testosterone Enanthate @500mg per week I was using aromasin @12.5mg every 3.5
    days and my E2 levels came back pristine.

    Now I'm about to start a new cycle which will have 600mg of Test E per week 1g of EQ per week and some Tbol & Mesterolone for the first few weeks.

    Question, how would you start with Aromasin? Should I stay at 12.5mg per week as I did previously? Or increase it preemptively as a means to be proactive? I would hate to get E2 sides. I was thinking of starting with 6.25mg EOD.
  13. Youd definitely rather have sides from high e2 than to have sides from crashed e2. Crashing your estrogen sucks in so many ways. Feels like youre dying. So I'd definitely start at a familiar dose and go from there.

    Also keep in mind that the more testosterone you take, the higher you e2 can be b4 you start experiencing sides. Its all about the ratio of t:e.
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    I stopped the weed way before that kicked in. And on tren i am 100% king hahahaha no paranoia at all. Maybe it is how my body reacts on it
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    Haha no doubt about this!
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