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Some of funnier comments i read on this...

"Sends $1 tip, gets charged $45"

"Id like to think that the strippers get the QR codes for their bitcoin wallet tattooed on their ass. This is what Satoshi had in mind"

From the Article:
"The Legends Room in Vegas is hosting the party, which touts itself as the world’s only block-chain based nightclub, and are ringing in 2018 with performances by Savage and Malone, and of course, the ladies.

We’re told dancers at the club can receive payments and tips using cryptocurrency, and even have the ability to get transfers while dancing. At the end of the night the girls can either keep the coins they’ve earned, or trade them into the club for cash for the market value at the time of exchange.

Of course, Legends accepts old fashioned dollars too, but are pushing hard for people to bring in their bitcoins, litecoins, etherium, and ripples. They even created their own digital token — LGD — on the exchange, and users of the club’s tokens receive special pricing and seating.

By the way, the LGD token has been on the rise this week.
The Licentious Blockchains: Outlining an Altcoin Subgenre
Discussion Paper Series: Notes on the 21st Century

Posted: 22 Jan 2018

Usman Chohan
University of New South Wales (UNSW), UNSW Business School

Date Written: December 8, 2017


Recent explorations of blockchain technologies have begun to examine “leisured” deployments and community-building activities facilitated by cryptoassets such as Dogecoin and Cryptokitties. However, an important emergent subgenre, wherein numerous cryptocoins have already been issued, is in the commonly denoted “adult entertainment” industries, and this discussion paper examines those crypto-issuances that comprise this subgenre of altcoins with a view to outlining their social function

The Licentious Blockchains: Outlining an Altcoin Subgenre

A frenzied public interest in cryptocurrencies has meant that, as new market entrants signal an interest in purchasing alternatives to the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (together denoted “Altcoins” for their alternative status to Bitcoin), many of these Altcoins are also designed to cater to specific purposes including licentious activities such as pornography (collectively referred to as “adult
cryptocurrencies” or “adultcoins”). The main cryptoassets in this altcoin subgenre include Sexcoin, Wankcoin, Titcoin, Tittiecoin, Groincoin, XXXcoin, and several others. This discussion paper examines those crypto-issuances that comprise this subgenre of altcoins with a view to outlining their social function. In particular, it draws attention to the facilitative role that an altcoin can play within a industry trade organization. The adult entertainment industry in many Western countries is generally defined by structures and agents that work in concert within their sociological field, in the Bourdieusian sense. The rapid adoption, therefore, of an altcoin by a major industry trade organization, as a legitimate form of currency, speaks to the intersection of technology, leisure, and commerce in the age of the cryptocurrency, in a manner that may set an example for other


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Coxxx Coin: Adult cryptocurrency is still a sucker's market

30 January 2018 -- This week's entrant into the XXX cryptocoin stakes, Coxxx Coin (CXC), can at least claim to have some performers on board. The coin is being launched by adult talent agency Coxxx Models, which claims a roster of some 40 adult stars. (I've never heard of any of them, but hey, it's a big naked planet out there).


The CXC wallet implementation will include a web3.js solution based on Metamask as well as a wallet compatible with Mist and Status browsers. When a user hits a landing page on the adult subscription website payment portal, Metamask/Chrome or another compatible browser will open payment options via Ethereum automatically asking the user to approve the transaction safely and anonymously.

Coxxx Coin launched on 26 January, with a plan to initially sell 500,000,000 tokens from a projected pool of 1 billion. Each will be sold via an Ethereum contract, with 0.0001 ETH buying you CXC
A world famous brothel is looking to accept bitcoin for client payment

The Bunny Ranch is probably the most famous legal brothel in the world, largely thanks to being featured on HBO’s Cathouse show and its owner Dennis Hof giving the Nevada-based business huge exposure through social media, books, as well as podcasts, and live streaming events. He has even done a speech at Oxford University about prostitution.

But for those who do end up visiting the brothel as a client, it’s likely they are looking for the utmost discretion when it comes to payments. This is where cryptocurrency comes into play. In a statement Hof said Bunny Ranch, which is one of the seven legal brothels he owns in Nevada state, has started to “explore” using bitcoin for payment for sexual services.


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Not a verge (XVG) fan at all but this move is pretty smart...regardless adoption of cryptos at any level is a step in the right direction .

Edit: this is absolutely brilliant.
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