Advance hgh users/or not :) pls chime in. (pics)

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    The goal, Big and lean but nandrolone is a pain to stay lean for me. Ok the PED's. Test E, NPP, 50mg Anadrol/50mg Anavar, HGH, Armour Thyroid(t3/T4).

    Ancilliaries: Anastrozole, Lipitor & niacin for cholesterol. Carvediol for blood pressure low dose. On trt I don't have cholesterol issues nor BP issues. Although these doses with the orals ramp it to 150/90. Carvediol keeps it normal.

    After several blood panels these 2 orals combined did not affect my liver, I played with both combined at times. Alternating from 150mg Anadrol and sometimes to 50mg Drol/50mg Var. They did alter my cholesterol. I prefer the 100mg combo.

    The Run. 15-16week duration.

    1gram~ 1.2g of Test E per week.

    500~600mg NPP per week

    100mg oral combo Drol/Var on training days

    HgH 4iu before bedtime. 3iu, 30min before training.

    Armour thyroid 60mcg upon waking up.

    I can't figure if my timing is good on the hgh in regards to preworkout? I kno at bedtime I'd like to keep it there because my baseline is horribly low 91. I know @ChestRockwell mentioned 2nd dose hgh would help reach a similar goal to mine if used 30min preworkout because hgh serum is high during training. Should I incorporate another dose 60mcg of Armour thyroid? How close should my last meal be before pinning the hgh preworkout? I'm gonna tag some hgh users and if I missed you my apologies. But if you use and know pls chime in. @Eman @mands @Wunderpus @colossus25
    Here are my labs during a similar run using Anadrol and alternating days with the 100mg Var combo. Also my thyroid levels etc. liver values.

    Stats, age 35yrs, 205lbs, 5'7. BF not sure. Would like to at least sustain this vascular but larger. However, Nandrolone blows me up and my veins go away tho :(. If anyone can help me with my day hgh timing and T3/T4 I'd appreciate it.

    If I left any info out pls let me know
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  2. ChestRockwell

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    There are a LOT of moving parts here and the amount of hormones being used is very aggressive.

    Things such as exogenous thyroid and ancillaries are not compounds I'm a huge fan of during growth phases.

    Are you using these doses from day one? Have you ever run these type of doses before?
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    Yes doses will be done from day one
    The amount of testosterone as well as nandrolone yes sir I have. On the labs I posted my T-level was 7986 and my sensitive E2 was in the 70's. I can live with that E2 as I don't want it in the 100's or 200's. 19nors have a tendency to aggravate my breast tissue. Rather not use tamoxifen and knock down my igf-1. I like to address it from the get go.

    Since my thyroid was a bit low I added the armour thyroid my trt doc gave me awhile back. I've ramped up the HgH a bit preworkout. Just not sure if my timing is spot on though in regards to that. Might shoot ya a pm as I know your a coach. I understand some info is proprietary but do you believe I'm on the right track?
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    When I pinned GH PWO I pinned it about 30min before lifting. I didn't pay as much attention to when my meal fell and I have never used thyroid compounds during a growth phase personally... I would say my meal was occurring about 30min prior to my hGH pin on average.

    Had you eaten shortly before your blood test?
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    Yea brotha I had not fasted because i didn't have a window to go into the AM
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    Well, you will certainly have growth potential on that amount of hormones, I was approaching this more from the opposite direction though. In the sense, could you have the same growth potential using a less aggressive approach?

    As far as the GH goes, when one is not using insulin, I tend to find a very steep decline in "return on investment" when exceeding 2-4IUs/day. I've played around a lot with this and never noticed a significant additive effect by exceeding this type of dose sans insulin.

    The timing is solid (pre-workout and pre-bedtime). I would just consider lowering to 2IUs per injection for a total of 4IUs/day, and assess. What type of GH?
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    That's a lot of Test for 205 lbs. Everything added together is around 2 grams. If you don't like Deca have you tried tren yet? What did you think about it?
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    Lol. I think @penche has dabbled a time or two with trenbolone.
  9. Wunderpus

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    Use ralofixfen, then.

    I would, personally, like to spike my natural insulin if I were running this GH cycle for intra workout/post workout.... Seems that pinning GH, then working out would be the ideal time for insulin to spike...? I would, personally, run an intra workout or carbs, BCAAs and creatine. Also, I think the key here is sensitivity... Personally, I'd like to time the carbs almost solely around my lifts (pre, intra a post) if I wasn't running insulin on 4+iu/day GH.... I don't like the overall increase in blood sugar without insulin.
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  10. ChestRockwell

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    Although that it is true tamoxifen reduces circulating igf-1 more than raloxifene, the very nature of how SERMS work ensure that the entire GH/IGF axis will face suppression.

    For those not running exogenous insulin, I do think it is a wise decision to consume a mixed meal shortly before/after the injection. An insulin does require the presence of circulating aminos to increase MPS.
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  11. penche

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    Hygetropin and performed a hgh serum
    Test as well. Soon maybe I can afford some sero's.
    @ChestRockwell consensus Drop the Armour thyroid? I added it due to low T4.
    I like nandrolone but it's a pain to keep the water down and not get fat lol. It will put mad size on me tho. Tren is my bread and butter my friend. I love it. I've had great pleasure extracting the hormone from finaplix carts and also component th.

    @Wunderpus im not sure if I'm ready for slin :(. Might need more insight or a coach for that. Possibly soon down the road
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    Youre referring to hgh injection correct?
    See that my problem I don't know how much time I shouldn't eat before taking my hgh. 1hr before hgh or 2hr? Trying not to waste it
  13. ChestRockwell

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    I would certainly consider dropping it. Although exogenous thyroid might produce additive effects on things like GH-stimulated igf-1 synthesis in animal models, my current belief is that the overall picture paints more negatives than positives with its use during a growth phase.

    We also must remember that t3 elevates levels of mRNAs of the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway, which is what skeletal muscle uses to atrophy (release proteins).
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  14. ChestRockwell

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    Correct, GH injection.

    Just keep it simple and consume your meal one-hour before your pre-workout injection. This will also ensure that various signaling pathways are fully sensitized to the upcoming GH stimulus.
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    Well then consider the Armour thyroid dropped. Chest as always your input is appreciated. Soon will hit ya up for more in depth convo's. Thank you
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  16. ChestRockwell

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    Sounds good, please keep me posted on how things go if you don't mind...
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  17. mghoward74

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    I would suggest:

    Test E or P 600mg
    EQ 600-700
    tren A & Mast P 400 mg each of course.

    You could also alternate Tren/npp

    TE/EQ twice a week (depending on how many available pinning sites 3x week ). If using Test p eod with Tren/mast. This way you add more EQ.

    Im not sure about the quality of your gh, but I was would use this protocol (as a suggestion).

    Pin 1 IU upon waking
    Pin 1 IU mid morning (2 hours after 1st meal, not to eat 1 hour after)
    Pin 1 IU before workout
    Pin 1 IU 2 hours before bed

    *if your concerned about the amount of total pins, eliminate the one 2 hours prior to bed. Increase the before workout pin from 1 IU to 2.*

    Remember that only protein can be in your system when pinning gh.

    My suggestion

  18. ChestRockwell

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    Can you please take time to elaborate upon this statement?
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    I'll do my best.

    Is it safe to say that carbs & fats hinder gh secretions in the body whether natural or exogenous? Although I'm not able to pull up the findings on this, because the website is no longer running...yes. On the other hand protein, no.

    This is my reasoning for my statement

  20. ChestRockwell

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    All fuel substrates act as negative feedback regulators of GH secretion, either directly or indirectly (as is the case with aminos). However, this is largely more relevant during dietary periods where one would want serum GH levels elevated as long as possible.

    For hypertrophy purposes, this is not going to be the case since the growth characteristics we are after are IGF-mediated.
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