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    I'm in the market for new boots. Looking at something with a cowboy feel to it rather than the normal Chippewa. I was at a tractor supply and tried on some Durangos and am certain I want a pair, just wanted to hear from some of the gents regarding pros and cons.

    I'm not wearing them for fashion, they will be working boots.
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    Totally forgot, you might have some insight into this.
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    Nocona for lyfe
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    Anderson Bean
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    Some fancy boots right there. I was looking at stuff like this predominantly. What I'm really looking for is info on how well will they break in, is stomping through some mud going to ruin them, life expectancy when actually used as workboots etc. I'm not sure ostrich boots are my speed :D although they look pretty awesome!
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    More of the same

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    I'm not familiar with Durango but I have some ariat boots that I'm very happy with
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    Mine have a zipper on the back as well. I don’t need to use it, and if you’re dealing with salt, the zipper isn’t the greatest idea.
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    good point, agreed.
  13. Heynow

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    They have plain leather for work too. Lol

    But I know what you mean, looking for something a little more rugged and I’m assuming you will be on concrete ground. Ie rubber soles are best.

    Durango and Ariat make good boots for this. Good luck. Ariat for me usually in that style.
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    I like Justin work boots
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    What's your experience with these in terms of comfort wearing them all day? I had Georgia Boots in the regular style when I was younger but they sucked to wear all day. At the time I also worked in a shop so being 6'3 and adding a heel didn't work with the lifts

    Not doing physical labor now I've just gone with zip up tactical boots but the pull on style looks nice
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    I like my Ariats
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    Ariat for the win. Good looks and comfortable. Justin good choice also. Never had a pair of Georgia boots so cant help you there.
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    dickies work boots have always Ben good to me Don't look very special but comfortable an strong
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    A fair amount of good looking boots out there, Ariat being one of them. Going to order today.

    How's life, job and fam? Haven't said hi in a bit. Busy as fuck over here, same as it ever was. Closing in on the end of my basement remodel thankfully.