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    I’ve been on self trt for about a year and a half now because the docs in my area are clueless. Prior to this, without the knowledge i have now for a few years i blasted on and off with no pct. I quit cold turkey and total t kept dropping with the lowest of 68. I never truly followed a restart protocol but i would like to at least try now. I’ve read so many different opinions on protocols but am looking for a standard hpta restart. I know i’ll need clomid and hcg but my questions would be what dosage, duration and max length of time for taking each?
  2. Have you taken any hcg at all in these last few months/years on trt/aas? I would do something like 1000iu 3x/wk, for at least 3 weeks. Me personally for my pct I might stay on hCG for a cpl months possibly, but I’ll prob start lowering the dose. Been on hCG for 4 weeks but ran out and so I the 2nd week I didn’t do any, so basically 3/4 of the last 4 weeks, anyway getting bloodwork in the morning and will determine next steps based on results, if bad I’ll up the hCG, if good I’ll either taper for a bit or just go to serms, 50mg/20mg clomid tamoxifen. Did not like the 100mg/40mg, didn’t have any mental sides but i had this weird feeling with my prostate or something.

    So yeah I’d start with 1000iu 3x/wk or eod for at least 3 weeks, if you can check your levels, if response is good you can go onto serms. Or you could do a slower pct like me.
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    not worried about desensitizing, when running hcg for that long ?
  4. Nah, that’s more of a myth/theory. I’ve read studies where men where given 3000iu eod for months, sometimes >12 months with no mention of “desensitization,” I’ve only read it happening to rats, mice etc. If you count the time I was on trt I’ve been on hCG since last August, with only 3 weeks off but during trt I was on lower doses.
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    okay sure
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