Advice on PCT?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by GRCS, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Hi lads,

    Just finished my first cycle of test cyp 250 for 12 weeks at 1&1/4ml pins twice a week along with taking arimidex from 2nd week 1/4 tablet eod. My first cycle hence the reason why i didn't stack with anything else. Seen great results however no matter how much research I done it was a learning curve for me aswell and i will change some things for my next cycle in 4 month+ time. My question today is about pct, I haven't taken anything jabs or armidex for 2 weeks so am I correct to say I can now start pct? I have nolvadex for this enough? Should I still take arimidex aswell I also have that at hand or leave that now? Also what's your advice on dosing?

    Thanks in advance lads
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    Number of things seem wrong here, but I would study this thread here
    Comprehensive Guide to PCT

    No AI is needed for pct.
    You should order clomid from a domestic source (since time is limited)
    I see no mention of using hcg.

    There's only one way to know if 14days is long enough to start PCT is get blood work and compare it to your pre bloods (which I doubt you have) but if I had to guess I would say wait one more week. Starting PCT to early could result in failed HYPTA restart.

    Read that thread I posted and do more homework next time.