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    Hi guys
    Just after a little advice, first off I'm 5,9 174 lbs and scale say 6% bf (probably more 8-9%). I've been lifting 3 years and am currently doing a variation of 5x5.
    Monday- heavy Squat, heavy bench (5x5), leg extensions & leg curls (3x 20 reps), standing calves (3x15) superset with seated calves (3x20), incline dumbell press (3x12) and dumbell flyes (3x12).
    Wednesday- heavy deadlifts (5x5), heavy military press (5x5), seated rows (3×12), lat pull down (3x12), lateral dumbell raises (3×12) facepulls (3×12), bicep/triceps cable superset (3×12).
    Friday - repeat Monday
    Saturday- repeat wednesday

    My question is that I want to gain maximum size when I start my bulk in July and was wondering what the best split I could use would be. I was thinking of doing 4 full bodies per week (similar volume per day) more like this
    Am - Monday workout (current one)
    Pm- Wednesday workout (current one)
    Wednesday -
    Am- light/moderate pumps session (Legs and chest)
    Pm- light/moderate pump session (back and shoulders)
    Friday - repeat Monday
    Saturday- repeat wednesday

    So would I be likely to recover efficiently from this given the lower intensity on the 2 days or would you suggest a better program for max size?

    Sorry for the long post, thanks for any replies
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    This split has served me very well the last few years with adding lots of size. Remember.... the muscle grows while it’s being rested. An over worked muscle will have a hard time growing.

    Thursday- chest-abs

    Some weeks I’ll hit back again on Friday, but it’ll be chest supported exercises. On that week, I’ll put tri’s with chest and bi’s with back on that Friday.
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    I'm assuming I'd be looking to increase volume dramatically if I was only working each muscle group once per week? The reason I was considering the 4 x full body split is that I seem to have had the best results with more frequency rather than traditional splits. Last year I did 6 months of training (workout above) but each muscle group 3x per week and then 6 months of the routine above (2x per week) and I gained 16lbs but dropped a considerable amount of body fat. Bit I suppose anything only works for so long until you need to try something new
  4. Splits that’s ever worked the best for me is what I’ve been using for roughly 6 months.

    Mon- Power Upper body (3-5 &6-10 rep range)
    Tue- Power Lower Body (3-5 & 6-10 rep range)
    Wed- OFF
    Thur- Back/Shoulders (8-10 & 12-15 rep range)
    Fri- chest/arms (8-10 & 12-15 rep range)
    Saturday- Legs (8-10 & 12-15 rep range)
    Sunday- OFF

    Strength has increased consistently since the start to date. Weight and or reps increase week to week. Just enough volume to recover from power days to hypertrophy days and vice versa. Every once in awhile take an extra day off after second leg day and do a deload about every 6 weeks or so. Also hit some 20 rep sets on hypertrophy days as well to mox things up and switch power movements every two weeks. For me personally I’ve made more progress with this than anything else I’ve ever tried.
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  5. Eman

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    Your current regimen doesn't really look that bad... Is there a reason you want to change it?

    If you add more calories, your current split with a few changes would be good for adding more size.
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    Not a fan of working out more than 2 days straight.
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    My philosophy is to put as much blood in one area as humanly possible that day. Back, chest, and quads need a day totally by itself. Not enough blood to go around to work anything else on those days.

    High volume....HIGH intensity training.
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    Your split is not bad but would be good to mix it up. I would increase your volume. 5x5s are ok for size but better for strength. Mix in some 5x20s and 10x10s on squats for size. For back workouts, mix up your rows. Heavy dB rows, Kroc rows, t bar rows, barbell rows, etc Back has a lot of big muscles, gotta hit em from all angles
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    Sorry guys, just caught up. Just want to change up the routine to focus more towards gaining size as opposed to strength and size.

    Thanks for all the replies