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    Sup guys? So I'm trying to get my next cycle layed out and I was wanting to make the most gains possible while maintaining a lean physique. Soo here's a layout on what I was thinking
    Wk 1-4 dbol @ 40mg ED
    Wk 1-12 test cyp @ 750mg Wk
    Wk 1-10 tren ace @ 75mg ED
    Wk 6-10 superdrol @ 20mg ED
    Wk 14-18 nolvadex
    Wk 14-18 clomid
    Will have aromasin and caber on deck incase of gyno flare up or prolactin issues. I've ran tren and test before by itself alongside with Proviron and saw great results and noticed very few sides. Soo my question is have any of you guys here on Meso ran this cycle before or do you think I'll get the results I'm wanting with this stack? I'm open to any suggestions.. I've also heard good things about primo and also npp for nice dry gains.. soo any advice on this cycle would be much appreciated. Im currently at 6'2 208lbs and my goal is to be around 225-235
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  2. Alright dude got a nice cycle planned. Bump the tren ace to 100-150mg ED, and Ur gonna fuckin love it. Kill the shit bro.
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    Dbol and superdrol in the same cycle I hope you have liver protection taken care of
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    Yes I have liver guardian on hand.. that's the reason I'm waiting till end of cycle to run the superdrol so it's not so much on the liver at once
  5. What's wrong with the thread you made right below this one asking the same thing?
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    I thought you were leaving? You have no room to be giving advice.
    150mg of Tren?!