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    -The analyses are carried out in the university laboratory by experienced bio-chemical engineers
    -HPLC-DAD, GC-MS, LC-QTOF/MS devices used for analyses acording to sample type
    -Result reports are under our guarantee and fully reflects scientific results.
    -Pure raw materials are used as standards
    - The analyse fees per sample are as follows:

    Qualitative Analysis: 60 EUR

    Qualitative + Quantitative Analysis: 90 EUR

    *Quantitative analysis can not be performed without qualitative analyse.

    - Test reports delivered between 2 to 4 weeks after sample recived.
    -Contact for payment details
    -Discounts made only for Bitcoin payments
    -Payments are made in advance.
    - If samples are not tested in 4 weeks, all money refunded and test results send for free.
    -Shipping fees paid by customers.
    -All analyse process carried out under university labratories and invoiced by institute regulations so please do not insist about price
    -HGH analysis soon will be available. Please follow updates.



    Important Notes:

    - Please send samples in envelope, wrap it carefully with air bubble film or foam material. You can also use small zip bag over wrapped sample. Broken or leaked samples cannot be analyzed and new sample can be requested from you.
    - You can send samples with or without label.
    -All raw, oil, tablet samples are accepted.
    -Test results are send you by e-mail as “Test Report+ Spectrum Graphs”
    -Demo results can be send if requested.
    Please contact us for questions and feedback.
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    Hello EC, refunded your customers by now? :)
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    Glad to see another lab testing option show up. You will need to show evidence of an ability to actually perform test, photos of equipment with meso and date written on crumpled price of paper. Also curios what country you operate out of, are steriods legal there? Hope this pans out, I'll let someone else with more experience ask more technical questions about your testing process and procedures.
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    Don't mean to derail the thread but I noticed meso always has to be on a crumpled peice of paper why does it have to be crumpled or is that the way people just gt use to referring to it

    Meso not me so
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    So it's not easily photoshopped.

    Not that it makes any difference at all.
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    Ok thanks always wondered
  7. i recall that coming about after PPL posted pics with a Meso card that looked Photoshopped into the pics. Turns out they were legit.

    Not sure how someone could Photoshop a crumpled piece of paper without it being obvious. i know that software is top notch, but i think we'd be able to spot a phoney.
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    Would you care to elaborate?
  9. Energy Control was US based, were they not?
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    Just gave out a very EC vibe to me.

    He even tried to fake his own death to avoid answering to the people that he owed money to.
    It was pathetic to the point he was left alone.
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    Why do sources make introductions and then disappear? You going to answer my questions and post the pictures or what?
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    ETA on HGH testing?
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    Welcome @aegean analyzer would you mind answering some tech questions?
    You can answer them in full tech jargon if you like, as I'm well versed in chromatography.

    1 Why did you choose a diode array detector over the usual and cheaper UV?

    2 What machine do you use for qualitative analysis, GC-MS or LC-QTOF-MS ?

    3 What column do you use for qualitative analysis?

    4 What mobile phase do use for LC ?

    5 What MS library do you use?

    6 Have you ever qualitatively tested a compound that ain't listed in the MS library?
    If so, what did you do?

    7 Please elaborate on how do you dilute and prepare the sample for HPLC?

    8 What's your HPLC testing method?
    Please include column choice, mobile phase composition, gradient changes if any, injection and flow settings.

    9 Do you use internal or external standards?

    10 What's your typical calibration curve like, i.e. how many points, what percentages or concentrations do you use?

    11 Is the linearity of DAD any different than UV?

    12 What are the typical retention times for the different steroids and esters?

    13 BTW can you test for other substances, besides steroids on special request?
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    I am sure Mands will give his 2 cents on this very soon. We do sorely need competent testing however.
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    You came in here to post that another member may come later? Wtf goes on in your head? Real question.
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    You don’t know the photoshoppers I know. They work miracles with that software.
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    Do you really want the answer to that question? His head is a vast, empty wasteland of god knows what. Eager to appease, quick to hide, good at looking through windows in the dark...