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  1. Hold on just a minute there Hoss. Did you seriously just say that? YOU are going to enforce a speech code on Meso? In a political forum Millard said was uncensored?

    I'm going to assume you got caught up in the heat of the moment - a temporary lapse in judgement, if you will, because the MINUTE "mods" start threatening members with the ban hammer for no other reason than they don't agree with something someone said, I'm outta here.

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    Its not a matter of disagreement with content but with intent.
    To paraphrase an old adage:
    There are 10 kinds of people on the world: those who understand binary and those who dont:
    Similiarily; there are those who are in this life for only selfish gains and the hell with the rest, and those who understand that we all in this are together.
    IMHO there are political mouthpieces here on Meso who seek nothing more than to expand the domination of the corporate media whose goals are to subjucate the working folks and enrich the very few.
    How you could dispute this is beyond my understanding.
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    No doubt what you say is true and occurs in all walks of life including AAS forums, Z!

    However is such bigotry a cause for censorship or is it more appropriate to ignore the "mouthpiece" of some, far left OR right, political clan.
    (Easier said than done I know, lol)

    Moreover there's no doubt (in my mind and I'm convinced MANY others would agree) the majority of Meso supervisors or moderators lean to the left, and in your case the far left IMHO, of the political spectrum.

    Consequently it's refreshing to read another's viewpoint especially when far removed from the party line.

    Most importantly what makes Meso so unique and special is it's uncensored/open format, rivaled by no other forum.

    Lastly if Meso is to be tauted
    as an open board let's work to maintain that stature rather than join the slippery slope of censorship as almost EVERY OTHER open forum has done.

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  4. C'mon! You know full well that is not what this is about. My "dispute" is with your apparent eagerness to embrace totalitarianism in order to silence those with whom you disagree. If your ideas are superior to theirs, then your ideas should prevail in a free discussion without having to resort to threats, should they not?
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    If you dont like that one, here is some softer tyranny for you. :)
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    CBS Poll: 84% of Democrats Want ObamaCare Changed or Repealed

    That's right - 93% want ObambiCare care changed or repealed. Countdown to destruction begins. I give it less than 6 months. Rubio, despite his failings, gives it 8 weeks before the libs begin to dismantle this thing in earnest. Reason libs are jumping on the dump this stupid law bandwagon? Hillary is getting dragged down by it now.

    As for my political leanings, nobody on here has a clue what I believe in except in the few cases I have spoken up. I have been kicked out of Libertarian groups, banned from Red State, and banned from Tea Party Patriots. There is this little booklet I have from the Heritage foundation called the Constitution. I have read it. It is not long and does not take a genius to understand it. I have read the Federalist papers and know the history of why our Founders set things up the way they did.

    How many on this board know that the Supreme Court does not have the right to review a federal law as Constitutional? In short, Judicial Review is NOT in the Constitution. Now Google Mabury vs. Madison. Once you abscond with Judicial Review powers you then just use the Necessary and Proper Clause and prop up federal power using all the other Clauses until what you have is a strong centralized power lording over the rest of us. The Constitution was not ratified by popular referendum, it was ratified by each State. Prior to the War of Independence the sovereignty of Britain lay in the hands of the King and Parliament. Our Founders saw how centralized power can be abused - they experienced it firsthand as we are today. They set about creating a system where power was decentralized. The goal was never to have a small set of islands of the cost of France replaced by a city inside our own borders.

    Ovomit is not a Constitutional scholar. They don't exist. Anyone who can read and has an IQ over 100 can understand the Constitution. A so-called Constitutional scholar is someone who can recite to you every single case law that violates the Constitution. Call them Constitutional destruction scholars.

    I call it like I see it. I have kicked off moderate boards, far right boards, and far left boards. I don't swallow BS and never will. I can dish it out as good as anyone when the mood overtakes me. Most of the time I like using expletives because I have found arguing with stupid people using reason to be a valuable waste of time. For most liberals a demitasse would fit their heads like a sombrero.

    Supreme Court & Judicial Review

    Yet how many people actually know this? I am not right, left, center (moderate/independent). I am use my eyes to read and my brain the think. If more people did this we would not be in state we are now. Imagine the freedom we could all enjoy if Uncle Sam became baby Sam. I welcome that day. As the ones who stand in the way of real freedom are libtards, they are the target of wrath. Socialism sucks. Period. Socialized medicine sucks. Period. I am from Canada and my wife from Great Britain. We know the lying bullshit polls about healtcare in this country compared to our home countries are just that - bullshit. And we both find it funny that we understand more about the Constitution and what our Founders intended than any liberal asshat out there. And yes, we are both proud citizens of the United States of America. God Bless this great nation and my its detractors burn in hell.

    One more thing. A simple reading of the Climategate emails and code that was leaked would convince a five year old that Climate change is orchestrated BS. Yet libtards don't bother to read.

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    The ACA is like a shoe which says "one size fits all", the notion one piece of ill contrived legislation will fit all people was BS from the outset, but really these clowns had FOUR DAMN YEARS to enact this POS, what a travesty or abomination.

    Contrary to some I dont believe it should be discarded entirely but thoroughly analyzed for areas ready for the trash bin and those which must be maintained such as the "pre-existing condition" one year elimination rule or the ability of parents to maintain their childs insurance until they become gainfully employed (within reason, those living with mommy at age 50 would not qualify).

    Lastly when will these clowns learn? The best means of acquiring reliable information about what is wrong with our HCS and how to remedy it, IS NOT Washington bureaucrats or Ivy league medical school graduates whom haven't spent a lick of time at the bedside, filing insurance claims for patients, or acquiring approval for an MRI but rather enjoy the elitist research they spew laying claim to the truth as revealed in their own damn vacuum. These "doctors" are a major deterrents to effective health care reform especially longterm.

    Ask yourself one question. Where in the hell did Obama acquire those most of those medical fixes destined for failure from the outset? Well rest assured it was NOT practicing physicians, nurses, or other paramedical personale!
  8. Michael Scally MD

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    Im pretty sure this whole debacle is the fault of George Bush.

    :)Not a defense of George Bush:) He just sucked considerably less:)
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    Ah yes the seeds of injustice were no doubt planted during his tenure!
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    I would like to see how you feel if you get picked up with enough steroids to get you convicted of a felony, I am sure your views on healthcare will change. When you lose your job and can't find one that is going to offer you this nice private insurance plan I wonder how your going to pay for your for health care, I mean you diehard right wingers are all for cutting medicaid and medicare right. Better hope you don't fall ill.

    BIGMESC Member

    If you want to check out the cost of plans go to
    BTW it took 3 code writers 6 days to make this site.
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    Would that really make you happy? You want a fellow member of this board busted by the law and receive a felony conviction? Is that the type of person you are? You are a wonderful and thoughtful humane guy.
    Do me a favor before you sentence members to prison. Dont define who I am and what I want to do in regards to medicaid/medicare or anything else.

    A big thanks to you for defining yourself. Now we all know whats inside of your head and heart. ;)
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    No, this is not what I WANT to happen, this is what a certain mindset of people would LET happen if they had the power (notice I said IF you get picked up with steroids, I did not say I hope you do, I just wanted people to empathize with other people, I just wanted to know how people would feel and react if they were in that situation). I must have struck a nerve, I wasn't even talking to anybody in particular, I was making an open statement about a situation in which a person may find themselves in. People are parrots, they repeat what they hear other people say, and believe what other people believe. Sometimes it is better that SOME people step back and evaluate their positions on things, it may promote some individualism. And furthermore who YOU are and WHAT you want to do in regards to medicaid/medicare is YOU defining who YOU are. Apparently your belief is to dismantle medicaid and medicare or else you wouldn't have responded to the statement I made in the way you did. Take into consideration that people need government assistance to survive, not because they are lazy but because they are DEFINED as criminals and have a harder time making an honest living than everyone else, even if they try to change. I am far from calling myself a liberal or a democrat, I have watched people like Bill Clinton sell the American people out and send American jobs overseas. I don't like Obama's signing of the 2013 NDAA. I don't like the rights of Americans being violated. And I could go on and on just about about Clinton and Obama and many other presidents both Democrat and Republican. I don't like heavy defense spending (now lets look at where some of this "defense" spending goes), it is unnecessary. I could care less about global warming, we have bigger issues.
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  15. Michael Scally MD

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    If only single payer would have been politically possible in the US. Which party, do you think, made it an unrealistic option?
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    You said you "would like" before you said "if". Now caught in your own words you want to argue semantics. TOO LATE! You spoke (typed) your thoughts.
    "Empathize" You own the patent on that? Can you let SOME of us on meso borrow it?[:eek:)] Thanks for the TEACHABLE MOMENT. I had never considered anyone elses feelings or station in life until this epiphany that your wisdom forced upon me.

    You silly snitch, you couldnt strike a nerve in me with an ax.
    People are cattle, not "parrots". You figure out the difference. If you have had enough exposure to cattle, parrots, and people to distinguish.

    You dont what I think of Med/Med. Do you think that criminals make it hard for honest people to make an decent living/have a decent life? Of all the disenfranchised people, why criminals? WTF? Come up with a better argument than that.

    What you would call yourself is inconsequential to what you really are. You will define yourself by your actions and words. Which sadly you have already done.
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    The #1 way. Canadians can come down to the USA to escape single payer. For now.
    I know lots of Canadians. A Canadian bud of mine owns medical tourism company. Wonder why he chose this as a profession?:)
    But to a person, they all say its a great system if you have a broken arm.
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    Look here little girl, I know I got your little panties in a bunch just by the insulting way you are responding to comments. Now lets look at my initial post you uncomprehending ass, tea bagging piece of shit. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HOW YOU FEEL IF (I used the word IF b/c it is a possibility when you commit criminal activity, which I am sure you do or else why the fuck are you on a steroids forum, that you could be convicted of a crime which could be a felony) YOU GET PICKED UP WITH ENOUGH STEROIDS TO GET YOU CONVICTED OF A FELONY. I am pretty sure you don't empathize with anyone, you are probably a sociopath just like the other people who share your same mindset. I wasn't talking to you to begin with but you seem like the only asshole that wants to pick a fight at the moment, I guess your a little upset, need somebody to take your little baby feelings out on. Is it due to those latent, suppressed homosexual urges you have had since you were in middle school.
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    Who's panties are in a bunch?[:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)]x's 1000
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