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    tgrusso78 Member

    Whats the word on hcg from AG Guys? I read in their sticky post it was coming, but haven't seen it on their site.
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    ag-guys Junior Member

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    tgrusso78 Member

    Excellent news. I will post on the status of my order.
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    Madball99 Junior Member

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    tgrusso78 Member

    Wired the funds this morning, the order form on their site was a bit wonky and not all that intuitive. However I put in my contact email, they emailed me further instructions. I'll repost when it arrives and I reconstitute and drop some on a pregnancy test.
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    Gear_Up Junior Member

    Pregnyl hcg prices are getting nuts!!

    Just a few years ago I was purchasing Pregnyl HCG from O.L. Skouvara in Greece, 3 X 5,000iu amps plus 3 amps water for $8.80
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    tgrusso78 Member

    Yea, I've paid less. A lot less. Prices when available have trended higher that I've noticed since I last purchased any.
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    tgrusso78 Member

    Pack came in today. Packed well, I reconned with the included water and will proceed to use ~150IU ED and have blood work done in about 6 weeks.
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    WillBrink Junior Member

    $128 dollars for 10,000 IUs???!!! Am I reading that right? From

    "2 amps x 5000 I.U. HCG + 1 bottle of bacteriostatic water (30ML); Buy now for $128"
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Unless the price is 128 Mexican Pesos, talk about ripping people off!
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    jasthace Member only deliver domestic USA addresses but do'nt say on the web site, so you go thought the process wait for email, then try to find out international delivery price when they they charge you for domestic{dont want to wire the incorrect sum to be told not enough bro}......big waste of time if you are international
    Yes and the price is a $croc!$
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    WillBrink Junior Member

    There must be better prices then that on the net some place. $128 for 10,000IUs is a joke, and a bad joke at that.
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    srch4info Junior Member

    If you have a prescription then is a great place for price and service... highly recommended on the Mens Health Forum
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    youngBuilder Member

    the problem is the prescription part....
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    Gear_Up Junior Member

    They must be charging $8.00 for the 10,000 I.U.'s of HCG and $120.00 for the 30ml of water! :D

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