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    ANIVNM Junior Member

    I used these guys a few years back, are they still producing good products?
  2. Meathead27

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    No, stay away from them.
  3. Renegade69

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  4. bigrobbie

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  5. meetcake

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    i would suggest NOT to order from any company that has an assortment of bad reviews...
  6. KBD

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    I ordered a bottle of SHIT from them, and it was legit :rolleyes:

    So i guess all of theyre stuff is "legit".
  7. MAYO

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    They got the best SHIT, dosed at 3 milliterds per mL [:eek:)]
  8. bigrobbie

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    3 MT's/PER ML?!?!?!?:eek: Holy, well, shit!...can't find dosages that high anywhere!! I think I'll order now! :drooling:
  9. Lizard King

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    I would stay away from them and use the board sponsor Cem.
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  11. ANIVNM

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    Thanks guys, I think the message is clear.