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    Hey All -

    Been having an issue with E2. I started trt about 3 years ago (age 43) test levels were in the 100's. After a few doc changes (not by my wish but insurance) my current doc seems to think that A-Dex is a good option for trt.

    My issue with this is - I have taken aromasin in the past and it worked great for a while - then after about 7 months it stopped working well for me. I also started to develop a small lump and had a sore breast. Old doc would not test for E2 but would Rx me whatever i wanted. Once I developed the pea i asked for letro and he gave it to me no problem. Letro not only killed the pea and gyro related issues it also killed sex drive. New doc says no to letro and wants me to use a-dex - don't have a problem with this - just want to manage E2. Which i did start taking. He had me taking 1mg on Monday - wednesday and friday. After taking it for a few weeks we did blood work and the levels came back as follows


    Report Result Ref. Range Units Status Lab
    ESTRADIOL, FREE 0.63 pg/mL High Final EZ
    Reference Range: ADULTS: < OR = 0.45

    ESTRADIOL 22 pg/mL Final EZ
    Reference Range: ADULTS: < OR = 29

    He thinks that the current levels are good to go. My question is - i do not know how to read these results - is my main E2 22 or is it the free .63? If it is 22 then it seems i might be good to go and possibly stick with 1mg 3 days a week but i was thinking maybe i ought to try .5 3 days per week because at one point i think it got to low and had no morning wood.

    By the way I take 100mgs test cyp every 5 days.

    Results of Test levels
    testosterone, TOTAL, LC/MS/MS 569 250-1100 ng/dL Final SLI
    TESTOSTERONE, FREE 54.3 46.0-224.0 pg/mL Final SLI
    TESTOSTERONE,BIOAVAILABLE 111.6 110.0-575.0 ng/dL Final SLI
    ALBUMIN,SERUM 4.5 3.6-5.1 g/dL Final SLI

    I have at my disposal - letro - a-dex - aromasin. I do find it harder to find the sweet spot with letro but it seems like the one AI that really helps me - just hate the sides with it (no sex drive).

    In 5 weeks i go for new bloods.
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    I'm surprised you need that much adex on 100 mg E5D. I'd use less and let E2 get to the high 20's or even higher depending on the lab reference range.

    mess around with your dose and do your own blood work.
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    Thanks - was i reading my results right - 22? or is it 63?
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    The lab results I;ve seen have a hi range of 39 or 42 pg/ml
    The ultra-sensitive test has a top end of 29

    Try to take as little adex as you can and still be in range. Adex has it's own long term sides that are best avoided.

    Your looking at the 22 number, not the free estradiol
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    Burr - do you take and AI? I am thinking about cutting back to .5 MON/WED/Fri and see what that looks like.
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    I try and stay away from ai's on cruise... they adversely affect your cholesterol ratios which can be harmful in the long run. Absolutely take a less is more approach. If lump/soreness in breast are your only side I would use a serm like nolva. The sides from e2 being too low are worse than it being too high... or at least just as bad, and you don't run that risk taking serms
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    Thanks for the advice. Never have taken a serm - never felt i needed it. I only took letro a few times when E2 built back up and lump was hurting. I do know what it is like to crash - been there a few times. If i don't stay on top of E2 it gets too high and i start getting tenderness and pain again. Since the last blast with letro and just staying on adex - i do not have any tenderness or soreness issues anymore. I just want to stay on top of this shit and not play the roller coaster game anymore. Bloods will be the only way to tell this - i know that - but i am also trying to see how i feel.

    think i will drop down to .5 3 days a week and see how that feels then follow up with bloods as well. Might even have to go lower after bloods.
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    When I'm on a cruise dose of 175 a week I get by with .25 mg of adex per week.
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    Ok all good info - I have been using the A-dex now since I posted this - I have been doing .25 eod up to 3 times per week. I am starting to get a gyro flare up again - this was taken care of already once in the past using Letro for 4 weeks at 1.25 mgs daily. After this I was put on A-dex. Doc had me do 1mg Mon/Wed/Fri - when following that protocol E2 was around 22-25 , felt great other than the damn pea and tenderness in peck but gyno seemed to still false up.

    I have 3 scripts - one for aromasin, one for letro and one for A-dex. All cost me 5 bucks each.

    Right now I feel ok but I am thinking that gyro is starting to flare back up and the only thing that has helped has always been letro. I wonder if it is just my body. I wonder if i could do small doses of letro and it might 1. take care of any gyno shit, 2. small dose would keep my libido good. I run 100 MGS test c every 5 days.

    I have also thought about taking Aromasin at 12.5 mgs daily but from what i read the guys doing this dose also are on cycles.

    Took 100 mgs yesterday and took .50 A-dex this morning. Wondering if i should throw a Letro in today or switch to Aromasin?