AI dose if adding Dbol

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    With Test Prop at 150mgs EOD, I use arimidex at 0.5mgs also EOD. This dose has worked great at controlling E2 sides (.25 EOD wasn't cutting it).

    If you were to add dbol to the above, how would you increase the AI dose? Bump up to 1mg EOD? .5mgs every day?

    Assume a conservative dose of dbol at 20mgs ED...
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    I personally prefer aro or letro. I am prone to gyno so I keep nolva on hand just in case it flares up. The only difference between my cycles with Dbol versus without, is the use of Nolva during cycle. Dbol flares my gyno like a bastard. I love Dbol and just don't use it much anymore for that reason.
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  3. Keep your ai where it is, and at first sign of any estrogen sides, up the dose accordingly. Have nolva on hand in case you get some signs of gyno.
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    You would up your AI dose as needed. With arimidex I would increase the dose by .5mg every time you use it.