Albuterol (Female) Cycle Questions

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    Hey - can't find anything on this site nor on Reddit for supplementing my woman's current cycle.

    She's 31 y/o, 5'2, 127 lbs as of this morning. Currently taking 10 mg Anavar a day, hitting the gym about 5 days a week. She's lifting weights about 3 days a week (legs, push, pull) and cardio every day she's in there, mostly on stairmaster.

    She looks great, eats relatively clean, but wants to lose that last little pouch that frankly barely exists because she's a perfectionist. I've got my hands on some 5mg albuterol orals, I'm wondering how I could work those in to her cycle? It appears they're great for a bit of fat loss/energy and also for cardio endurance which I'm sure she would appreciate on the stairmaster.

    I was thinking 2 weeks on 2 weeks off during a 6 week cycle of her anavar with just 5mg albuterol a day for her, question is should I split the pills in half and give her 2.5 mg in the morning and 2.5 mg about an hour before training? Or entire dose before training? Entire dose in the AM? Any adverse effects when it's taken in conjunction with a preworkout?

    Sorry for all the questions, there just doesn't seem to be a comprehensive thread that serves as a reputable resource for albuterol.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Here’s the best advice I can give, but it also involves t3

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    Hi @TheAngryHog maybe I can help. This is the same protocol I ran for my wife and it worked great.

    I know u have 5mg tabs, but I am gonna tell you how I dosed my wifes cycle.

    4mg albuterol upon waking with 200mg caffeine. 2iuGH. Fast for 3 hours. If you can do cardio during this time, BONUS!
    If not, thats okay just stay fasted for 2-3 hrs anyway.

    Another 2-4mg albuterol 4-6hrs later if feeling okay. No jitters, faint, high heart rate, etc,, Take 200mg of caffeine 4-6 hours after 1st dose of caffeine.

    Take another 2-4mg Albuterol 4-6 hrs after 2nd dose if tolerating it okay.
    Try not to exceed 15/16mg Albuterol/day.

    If she has a high caffeine tolerance you may want to throw in another 200mg around dinner time. 600mg/day total max. This may compromise sleep cycle, if it does just stick with 400mg caff day.

    Run this for 4 weeks. Keep diet 100%. No point in cheating if she serious about Losing that pouch. That area is pretty stubborn. If she IS gonna cheat, make it on Back or leg day. Its not the end of the world.

    Keep the Var in place. 5mg upon waking. Another 5mg pm before workout. If she works out in the AM just do like 6am/6pm for dosing.

    I am not saying this is a go-to. This is just a plan I put in place for my wife and it worked well. Good luck!
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    Awesome. This is what I was looking for. She takes adderall every day, but no caffeine, so I’m thinking I’ll do just about what you’re saying except stagger the adderall the way you suggested with the caffeine.
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    Quick update - been doing 5 mg in AM with 10mg adderall (which she is prescribed, again), then later in the morning 2.5 mg albuterol, then later in the afternoon after lunch 10mg adderall 2.5mg albuterol. Last dose of stims is never after 2 PM, haven't had any issue with sleeping.

    Anavar has been in one dose about two hours before anticipated workout, if in the AM it is taken with initial dose of adderall and albuterol.

    She is looking great!
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    That’s wild that she doesn’t have any issues with sleep but I’m sure everyone has a different tolerance to stims. 5mg of albuterol has me shaking and I swear I can hear my heart beat lmao. Tried clen and no shit I looked like I had Parkinson’s at a low dose too.