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    Whats going on boys and girls. I’m a friend of Bill Wilson and was wondering if we have anyone else on here that is as well. Ps I’m in the rooms in ny if anyone’s wondering. Recently relocated from south jersey and was in the rooms there too.
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    I'm the bull and a alcoholic
    In the other fellowship tho
  3. Friend of Bill here 10/19/14. Its been awhile back but there was a thread the addict and AAS or something like that in which a lot of us identified.

    I bet @wedorecover can tag a few of us.

    Check out the Anyone want to help Frank the Tank thread as well.
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    There are a lot man
    @TorroXL @beameupscotty @Ryno1980
    There are a shit load of us here
    06 / 26 / 12
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  5. 4/25/04 here
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    By grace one day at a time 9-25-07 been pretty active in many forms of service.

    If any of yall shot dope pm me some suggestions on working with guys scared to pin AAS being a possible trigger for them. Had 2 guys say they did oral only cycles 1 did tbol the other sarms to keep from pinning. One said he is addicted to shooting up doesn't matter what it is so it might be best he stay away
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  9. I wrote about that very topic in the Frank the Tank thread. Why don't you take a look?

    Anyone want to help frank the tank
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    I agree with the spiritual stuff coming first I would never suggest a cycle before that's straighten out. The guy with the pinning addiction has a few years clean/sober so it maybe sarms for him. I've been training a guy the past few weeks and I know he is going to ask me pretty soon he shouldn't have problem pinning but he also still on the 1st step so I'll be suggesting patience.

    Happy joyous free 4th I just cleaned my grill going to take it by the local clubhouse
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    If they are scared it might be a trigger they shouldn't do it. If their sobriety isn't worth more than being swole... then I wouldn't give a bucket if piss for their sobriety.

    If you are truly done using and have taken the steps necessary for a spiritual awakening- and continue to do what you need to do - relapse triggers are a myth. You will recoil from it as a moth from a hot flame.
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    6/3/12 myself. I used IV and AAS is nothing like it. I've never reused a needle on gear and IM is way different. What @brutus74 said is right and it this would never be worth giving up sobriety. A strong foundation is neccessary as even without AAS it only takes one to put me right back in that hell.
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