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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Ayym8, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Ayym8

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    So I've been doing some searching for a cheap source of HGH. Until then im getting black top HGH from Purple Panda labs. I came across a Chinese wholesale site called alibaba dot com
    They have 100iu kits of HGH for as low as 70 dollars USD. I'm just wondering what you guys think of this. Is there any chance of it being real? If it was I would literally be splitting my cost for HGH in half
  2. Goingstronger

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    Most of what I've run into on Alibaba is real.
    Then maybe it's not pure, but you usually get what's advertised
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  3. Ayym8

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    Okay cool, im gunna buy a kit and try it out. I heard that a good way of testing it is by blasting like 15 units all at once and if you don't get a ton of side effects afterwards it's not real. I might try that
  4. Ayym8

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    Do you guys think it's sketchy that he wants me to pay him from Western Union? I know that this is normal for steroids and HGH but then there's no assurance through Alibaba that I'm going to get the product that I ordered
  5. BigPeteXxX

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    I'm curious about alibaba gh myself
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  6. JC456

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    You can't trust alibaba to ship you a decent pair of slippers never mind hgh!
  7. warp

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    Never, always through Alibaba. If it works like other sites, the seller wont receive the payment (kept by alibaba) until you give the green light when receiving the product.
    So missing package, fake product or whatever, you will be able to complain.

    In fact you SHOULD tell alibaba that this vendor is trying to make you pay with an outside method of payment.
  8. Goingstronger

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    Always paid by wire transfer on Alibaba.

    You heard the 15iu thing from coach Trevor of Enhanced Athlete?

    You don't need to pin 15iu, 5iu will be enough for you to have poor sleep on the first night and numb limbs if it's real
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  9. Doug_S

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    Or you could send it to Analyzer or Jano for an actual HPLC so you know what you are injecting is real or not.
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  10. Ambiguous

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    I took a peek and I'm interested. LR3 as well
  11. Ayym8

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    Yeah i heard it from trevor lol
  12. Ayym8

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    Im gunna buy a kit and test it out. Ill keep you guys updated. Might start a seperate thread for this exparament
  13. Ambiguous

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    Can you just edit the name of this thread "Alibaba hgh" to include the vender and manufacturer you choose?
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  14. Ayym8

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    ill create a new thread when i start my experiment, theres a few manufacturers im looking at
  15. There is a service on Alibaba called Trade Assurance that you can use credit card. Gives you some recourse in the event you don't receive or it's bunk. But you only have 15 days from the date you receive it. Good luck
  16. Naugahyde

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    Impossible to prove unless willing to shell out for HPLC testing - and anyone with that kind of money ain't going to be buying budget Gh off Alibaba in the first place!
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  17. Maybe, you could at least submit your lab work and lack of a response to help support your case. Would certainly help is cases of seizure
  18. how do you like PPLs black tops? I just ordered a couple kits to try.
  19. SmallWoody

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    I've bought bulk items from them through western union 2 times. Both differant company's and I got my product less than a week DHL. Look for the gold status for more than 2 or 3 years and you should be good. The sketchy ones are less than 2 years gold status
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  20. flexx89

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    got some gold tops from there. very underwhelmed. was running 10iu. switched back to greytops and was way fuller and looked better. it aint worth the price difference just go with what u know will work (grey or blacks)