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    dareelbullet Junior Member

    Ordered from this piece of shit and he sent me fucking massage oil. Little packets of massage oil........... Took $400 bucks from me. I wish I could get my hands on him!!!!!!!
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    JoeyZAZA Banned

    sorry about your experience,have you successfully ordered from them before and have you tried their deca or tren? also i cant believe they (Balkan) have aromasin(exemestane) for 1/4 or less than the price ANYWHERE else dont know if i trust that . but of corse on this site when you ask a question about usage everyone will give you a BETTER lab. i hate that.
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    KBD Member

    LOL that sucks
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    ergomaniac Member

    and what?... give him a massage.:eek:
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    dareelbullet Junior Member

    Yea a massage, but my kind!!! LOL!!!
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    flyguy Junior Member

    Are you sure you didn't order their stealth line of sauce? i have ordered them a few times and they usually come in little packets like you described, usually labelled like bath oil or massage oil or something. That could be the problem..... HOWEVER... Alinshop is known for scamming and fucking with orders and customers..... happened to me for the last time just this past month. (5 times in total, I know, im an idiot) I will never order from Alinshop again, and i have been ordering from him (along with numerous friends of mine) for the past 2-3 years.
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    dareelbullet Junior Member

    I did order their stealth line but I am not injecting that. No way to verify that its gear.
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    ergomaniac Member

    can you verify it packaged differently?
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    flyguy Junior Member

    True, but i have a friend who uses it regularly, (loves the tren from stealth) mainly because of the fact that Alins vials hardly make it across the border anymore. He has only good things to say about it thus far. But to each his own. No beaks, but how come you ordered the stealth line if you were worried about verifying the gear? It does say that it comes in packets labeled massage oil or bath oil etc. to make it easier for border crossing... just a question.
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    ericraven2003 Member

    What did you expect with a stealth line? Its made that way to not get snagged. Think about it.

    With that said. The only time I ever used Alin, years ago, it never came. Nor did a notice, so I couldn't get any resend. I would never use him again.
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    Dirty Junior Member

    LMAO thanks for the heads up:D
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    MPM Member

    I'm not trying to give props to Alinshop at all but if it says massage oil and it's in a white packet with purple/green flower looking shit on it then it's real. At least from my experience. I know quite a few ppl who have order through him including myself and if he's going to scam you he just won't send you anything. Still Alinshop is a shit operation like every other Romania linked western union online roid shop. You take a chance. Also, didn't you read the info on his site explaining how the stealth line of juice comes packaged? If you had you'd know that's why it's called "stealth' cuz it looks like massage oils.
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    Thickneck Member

    What did you think the package was going to say . STEROIDS PLEASE DON"T SEIZE IT .
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    At least the product isn't named as one company used to do or maybe still does. They labeled their stuff with things like Anal Warts Ointment.

    Bad part was that my wife (we're only recently married) found one of those from years back that was still lying around the house, unknown to me, making her wonder why I needed it.
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    someanddone Member

    Hahahahahaha. "But baby! It was steroids, I swear!" Fucking hilarious.
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    Ironhorse Member

    Thats the best one Ive heard in a while! I needed that!
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    Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

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    Musmecca Junior Member

    Anal wart cream comment was so funny i had to join the board! I was searching for Alinshop info due to my recent run in with them Sent them $$ for Primo, clen and Letro....didn't even respond to messages for shipping details. Finally package arrives full of vials.....i'm excited right?...turns out they had botched the order and sent Sustamed250 instead. Not only is their communication crappy, but my experience so far is less than positive. Back to the thread, a buddy who turned me on to them swears by the stealth product.....packed in little ketchup sachets with flowers and massage oil on them. He cleans them with alcohol, withdraws the product, and puts it into another vial.
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    etul86 Junior Member

    ok. common sense tells us that maybe we should research a source thoroughly before sending them our money..... just a thought
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    juice69 Junior Member

    and if he sent you a vial with a label on it you would be able to verify it? same thing, its just in a packet so it doesnt get seized. Like other said, he's a selective scammer so if he was going to scam you, you wouldnt get anything.

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