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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Notits, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. Notits

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    You never know with an online pharmacy from India. I figured I would share this because the only thing worse than bunk gear is bunk AI when you have good gear.

    No AI in September had my E2 at 134. - no fun
    ADC aromasin 25mg ED brought it down to 32. - hooray

    Both draws while I was taking 250mg test cyp weekly split monday/thursday.
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  2. rutman

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    I've always gotten great stuff from ADC.... Pretty much my go to pharmacy.
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  3. Notits

    Notits Member

    After this im pretty much sold. Thier other stuff is solid as well?
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  4. rutman

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    Everything I've ordered has been... Caber, cialis and viagra
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  5. xgunx

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    What was ta
  6. forzudo

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    couple weeks in my experience. I've had similarly good results from their xstane, in my case 12.5 mg ed has my E2 at 26 while total test is around 2900. The cialis is good too.
  7. Benny

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    How does one find ADC's contact info?
  8. boodecarlo

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  9. jonsal

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    Good shit man. Thanks for posting. Nice to hear more good things about ADC
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  10. Jay Munoz

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    have been looking at a few online pharmacies but havent seemed to have much luck finding it does anyone know of one that carries Bupropion? Its sold under the product names Zyban and Wellbutrin, but i dont care if its a generic as long as its still authentic Bupropion
  11. pitbreeder

    pitbreeder Member

    How long were you taking the Aromasin at 25mg ED to bring your levels down to 32? Couple weeks at that dose or what? Thanks
  12. Notits

    Notits Member

    Just about 2weeks yes.
  13. pitbreeder

    pitbreeder Member

    Those are great results then! Thanks for taking the time to share. You were on 250mg a week of test correct? Did you continue taking the aromasin and retest to see if e2 went down more?
  14. Notits

    Notits Member

    No, I'm happy with that number.
  15. pitbreeder

    pitbreeder Member

    I can see why. I'm curious what e2 would look like at a higher test dose. Thanks again for sharing with the community
  16. jackmeoff1

    jackmeoff1 Member

    I have plenty of bloods on their adex. Love them. I get my hcg from their sister site- reliable rx
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  17. ebkallday

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    ADC and Reliable are G2G for sure. hcg passes prego every time. nolva and clomid awesome prices. Been using both sites for almost 2 years after bunk ass RC's. Even Cem Meso gave me bunk shit (Torem).
  18. michaltyler

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    reliablerxpharmacy.com or reliablerx.com ??