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    Anyone have experience with these guys? Looking at their sterile gso to cut some prop with. Anyone know if their stuff is truly sterile? If I can get around having to use another filter vial and 60cc to filter some it would be nice

    They have a website, and they're on Amazon and eBay
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    This is from their FAQ

    2. Are your carrier oils really sterilized?

    Of course! We are the only company that provides a sterilized carrier oil on the market. We sterilize the vials in the process above. We filter the oil through a 0.22 micron filter then place the oil in the vials. We bake the oil in the vials our autoclave again to insure sterilization before sealing them.

    3. Do you do any sample checking?

    Yes, we do. With every batch of sterilize products (Vials or carrier oils) we take a sample to check the bacterial count. If we don't see a zero, we throw it away!
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    If it's real it's kinda cool
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    I mean its a great idea. Totally legal and obviously easy for someone to do in large quantities.

    $17 for 100ml sterile oil is cheaper than me having to use a new filter, vial, syringe etc
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    Now it's just a trust issue...
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    Hi there!

    We saw your post on here and want to thank you for asking about us. We strive to provide the highest quality solvents, carrier oils and sterile vials on the market while keeping our prices the lowest as well. Let us know if you have any other questions and we'll be glad to answer them for you.

    If you'd like to make a purchase on our website, please use the coupon code at check out to save 15% off your order. Enter MAYGAINS to get your 15% off.


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    Well damn, wish I knew that before. Lol I did order, and several uses later no issues so anecdotal review would be that their stuff is in fact sterile
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    Thank you for the order! Our apologies on the delayed response. We weren't getting notifications from this thread. Please let us know if you have any further questions or product requests that we currently don't carry.
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  10. If you haven’t already maybe start your one dedicated thread introducing yourselves?
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    The only things that you need to be sterile
    are vials and filters

    there's no point in sterile oil
    since it will become unsterile the moment you open in and begin pouring raws, BA, BB on it.

    If you already draw some oil out
    then you can get around a new vial
    just add some oil to with with syringe+filter+needle.

    You can't skip the filter.
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    What if say he took the raw + BA + BB + say 10% of the carrier oil and filtered that and put it in a sterile syringe

    Then he took the vial of sterile oil and drew out the remaining carrier oil and injected it straight from one sterile vial into another?
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    It was to cut painful gear with. Ie draw 1ml gear and 1ml sterile oil into the syringe. This worked
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    a 5 ml syring filter is like $5 on Ebay/Amazon
    cheaper and more reliable than buying sterile oil, which may no be sterile to begin with, and will become unsterile right when you open the bottle.
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    It's filtered and in vials. No bottle tops.
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    Could you do this?