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    Hello Meso!!!
    For a long time I did not write anything,small update for my customers... temporarily the page is not updated,i do order by email and wickr .... to the end of november is the sale....
    I know Meso is not a board for the source, but I have my customers here and I would like them to be up to date, if I broke the rules with this post or someone offended I apologize.

    Wickr: Alphausa
    Payment : Btc,Money gram
    Free domestic shipping

    Alpha Pharma 20% off
    Primus Ray ( new batch) 20%off
    Androchem Lab 10%off
    Maxtrema Pharma 30%
    Sigma Pharma restocking avilable end of november..
    Pharmacy pct 15%

    example prices after discount, more info by @
    Susa Alpha 50$
    Ace Primus 55$
    Hexa Primus 60$
    Primo Bayer 65$ limited
    Anavar MediTech 50/10mg 30$ limited
    Winstrol Desma 3x1ml 11$
    hcg Pregnyl 30$ limited
    Androchem Tri-Eq 58$
    tren Base 58$
    Maxtrema Test C 45$
    arimidex 15$

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  3. U forgot to write meso and the date on a piece if paper in the pictures so we know u actually took the photos and have product on hand

    Also...on meso new sources can only start on Fridays

    And u need to post pics of ur wife's tits if I want any respect
  4. NandroXL

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    Do better reserch you refreshed post from 2014...
    This page was closed 3 years ago ... everyone is learning their own mistakes.

    Now have secure @ and wickr ...

    Review on eroids,sst,muscleguru, ugmuscle,thefitnesboard.

    But who is my customer then know how to order and how iam working!! No need start new drama....
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  5. NandroXL

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    No need new customer... who alredy ordered then know...its just update...
  6. Oh ok

  7. VaginaShark

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    Threads don't close here. It's one place that's not too easy to hide your past.

    Not sure posting your customers name out in the open should have been a mistake you needed to learn from.
    How do you say "common sense" in India?
  8. NandroXL

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    I understand ... about posted customer name was mistake !! I just wrote only the person who told me about the meso... didint know this start huge drama!!! But was 3 years ago i alredy have my lesson.
    . As for security i have better than Pentagon if has!!
  9. VaginaShark

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    Oh so you're involved with the federal government now? I knew something was up with you.

    Youre not fooling anybody with that fake accent, Special Agent Nandro.
  10. ickyrica

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    Here's how this works, do no deviate.

    You will post up pictures of:
    1. Your lab
    2. Your sterilization equipment
    3. Your current finished stock
    4. Your current supply of raws

    All pics are to have a piece of paper with today's date and 'Meso is #1' written clearly on it.

    You will also tell us your general sterilization process, what you brew with for carrier and you will answer any other questions you are presented with.

    Member security is the number 1 item for the members on Meso. Clean gear that is dosed accurately is the next biggest item. It sounds like you have a security issue from a few years ago the was stemming from your poor choices in regards to customer info. How have you improved you opsec? Meaning: how do you purchase your postage? How do you store customer info? Etc.

    The last take away for you is Meso isn't a source board. If we want you gone, or not here in the first place, you will not be here.

    Edit - I'm noticing that you're just a reseller? Why? You aren't skilled enough to work your own lab?
  11. VaginaShark

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    From what I see he's not even skilled enough to be a reseller. Can't handle even the basics of security or professionalism.
  12. ickyrica

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    That's some scary shit. Makes a slow to start domestic operation look fucking golden haha. There isn't enough money in reselling for me.
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  13. VaginaShark

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    And there's way too many other options to risk losing your freedom over the incompetence that he's displayed in the past.

    Advertising over facebook and then taking orders over a website hosted in the U.S... fruit doesn't hang much lower than that for LE.
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  14. ickyrica

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    Just ask @musclehead320

    Selling over IG didn't work out that well for him...
  15. SmallWoody

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    Domestic source yeah? OP can't even speak proper english.
  16. NandroXL

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    .. you talk some shit with out any proof!!! You read some shit from 2014 and doing drama.... did you ordered from my No!!
    I have issue on begining with page... they was created on us servers now issue is fixed...... nobady is idiots and posted customer name!!! I have very good review on multi boards!!! Ps ... i dont kerped customer info i deleted ed.. or order is per wickr ( you know what is this ? )
    Email is on swiss servers... with high secure!.
  17. CdnGuy

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    Just search home boys name bro he's old news.
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  18. NandroXL

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    Looks like you have some paranoid!! Beter dont posted on steroids board ...

    For your info... buy and used steroids is legal... then customer dont have problem... about my freedom you dobt need worry !!
  19. movingiron88

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    Shut your mouth you filthy goat fucker. No one wants to order from you. Your English is atrocious, if you want to sell in our great country improve your English you dirty fucker.