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  1. NandroXL

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    Not actual results? :/ is last batch.. 1 batch have +- 10 000 vials then I no need do lab analize every month..

    About test ... week or 2 one meso member posted blood test ... check ...
    After 400mg score was 2960. Its perfect results!
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    Should have clarified....I have seen no HPLC testing done. How do we know that the junior member that posted the bloods recently isnt the source that took way over 400mg a week to get that result?
  3. NandroXL

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    All your post go with wrong way..... I dont liked drama ... like you do last time and later sending apology... I don't want by dick..I have respect to all member ... but ...what you want from my? Do own reserch... you see many blood and hplc from my product on couples boards...

    About sigma ... do you see in thread any bad review ?? Or complain from customer...???
  4. i don't have time to thoroughly comb through the lab test section until later tonight, but here is the blood work Nandro spoke of.

    Sigma test E
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    Hey man relax. I am doing reasearch. I have a right just like anyone else on here to ask questions and make comments. Dont like it then tough. You also sent me a pack that was all the wrong shit and had to resend it but you didnt hear me bitch about that.
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    I saw that thanks was talking more about HPLC but thanks
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    they are solid brand with evrything

    This is www page

  8. NandroXL

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    Listen I dont sell home made product.. we no need sending every 50 vials to lab analise... they do batch +- 10k each they are results from winter...I still have same batch... new mayby have end of summer then I checked again quality

    Yes all this score are hplc from W&m ,jano ,lab4tox
    And is actual batch from winter ( batch have 10k vials each product )
  9. NandroXL

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    Thx u for help
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    I used the prodcut Sigma Anavar from Nandro. I have to say it was good to go.
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    I use the Sigma test e for TRT, been on it for a few months at 200 a week. no bloods yet but feel like my levels are spot on.
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    Nandro please check your email. @mykolab. Thanks
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    Accutane and mod in stock !
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    Another excellent transaction with Nandro. Super fast and accurate as always! Thanks again!
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    Shot you an email for another order Nandro. Don't know if it came through
  16. I have 3 sources and @NandroXL is one of them... been using him since almost the beginning of his journey here on Meso. Hasn't let me down yet and I've ordered from him plenty of times.

    That said, I have 3 sources for a reason, been in this game for a long time and shit happens with sources...however @NandroXL been solid for what it's worth.

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    I posted some bloodwork in the Lab Testing Section if anyone is interested. 8 weeks of cruising on Sigma Test Cyp at 175mg/week. 1376ng/dL.

    @NandroXL has been solid on the 4 transactions. Looking forward to more.
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    Another successful order with nandro. Thanks again.
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    Might have to give this brotha a shot on some goodies
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    Thx for posting. Perfect blood results