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  1. Email sent
  2. In your email...
    Is everything tested from Sigma? It doesn't show name brands next to items tested by W&M or Lab4Tox.
  3. Omegistosalex

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    Do you ship internationally or only in usa?
  4. Jn2k2

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    Is it the same email he posted on the first page back in 2017?
  5. It is.
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    thank you
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    I havent been posting about orders bc i didnt think NandroXL cared for that. I posted a review about six weeks ago when someone complained about his brief responses to emails. Ive ordered a few times this summer and the cut mix i got from sigma is fucking great. Ive changed my body comp drastically after about 18months out of the gym and over 7 since stopping trt. The sig tbol is badass as well. Wish i took before shots, but in under 2 months ive beefed up 20lbs and am much leaner and getting noticably more vascular every week. Dont have bloods bc ive cycled several times in the past and at 40 now ive undergone a more rapid physique change than ever before. Thats my experience with his products.
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    Anyone having trouble ordering with MG through this source?Two names both denied..
  9. SnotRocket

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    Never had an issue with MG
  10. Greek_beast95

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    I did it 4 weeks back and all worked just fine , I fucked up first try because I put the senders name twice , could be a stupid
    Mistake like I was doing
  11. TheObjective1

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    I am making an order tomorrow first run with this source. Heard good things seen good results. Has anyone ran his sigma test 400? Very curious before I choose it over the reg. Sig test Cyp.
    Also trying to decide between his sig winny or AP winny. Any thoughts would be appreciated thank ya much.

    Also what's the "issue" if any with MG?? Because that was the form I intend to take.
  12. NandroXL

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    Is no issue! Please dont talk about payment method... any qestion send email ...
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  13. NandroXL

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    Mayby sender name is block...!?
    Please dont talk about payment....
    You have qestion ask by email...
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    I would email but no response...
    I've tried to contact you about placing another order 4 different times from 2 different emails so I'm not sure what the issue is...

    Unless it's just that you don't want to do business with me?
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    Hey man what was your dosage on the tbol?
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    What is your email please send PM... I check whats going on.. I recived emails ed ...
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    Whats a good oral to stack with winny? I've hear dbol. 4 weeks on at 50mg winny/dbol 20mg. Then heard Var 40mgs/dbol 20. Just curious. Because I already get 220mgs a week of test E pharma grade from clinic and I'm going to run another 250 test cyp. Ordered winny,dbol,provirion, and I am
    Thinking about doing a var/dbol start. finish up with the the winny. Any adice on orals that are synergistic.
    Also I do drink a gallon a day of water while on orals, Tudca,Nac, and a good over all cycle support.
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  19. TheObjective1

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    Sorry brother I didn't think I said anything to compromise your safety if so I will delete it or ask it to be deleted. Ananinity is key here. Sorry again boss. Thanks for all the responses.
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    @NandroXL I sent you a email. Please Pm me we have been talking haven't heard from you. I know everyone says this . however it is urgent. Thank you