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    Sorry about the double post.
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    Thanks Nandro for the super fast shipoing.
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    Sigma Delivery ... promo 10%
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    I recently got my first order and damn it was fast lol. I ended up trying this source specifically because of how thorough you guys are with sources on this board. I’ve been lurking and reading for a long time and finally signed up to start posting. I’m too early in my cycle to give any feedback on the quality of the gear, but I’m very excited to see the results and then place more orders
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    Ok. So I’ve used this source a half dozen times. The gear is legit. I’ve ordered:

    Sigma Test E
    Sigma tren A
    Sigma Anavar
    Sigma Dbol
    Sigma Anadrol (Best I’ve ever used)
    Alpha Pharma EQ - I hate amps but the gear is legit
    Nouvoux Test E - Again Amps but test is good
    Alpha Pharma Winstrol
    cialis - this is the only product I have taken issues with. It gave me a bad headache. I have never once has a head ache with cialis. This leaves me to believe it is actually viagra labeled as cialis. Which is unfortunate, but not the dealers fault.

    He usually throws in a few packs of Indian pharmacy viagra with each order.

    Twice A single item was missing from my orders. I emailed, he responded right away and resent item, no questions asked. That impressed me.

    Shipping is usually very quick if you get your orders in before his shipping days which are Monday and Friday. So if you order and pay on Saturday. Expect your package Wednesday.

    This as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned.

    That’s my review. Take it or leave it.
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    The headaches dont mean its viagra. I get headaches from either when I take to much. I dont know your previous experience but usually people take to much. I would be leaning towards your previous cialis being underdosed and or this cialis being overdosed. Try taking half what you took and see how you feel. Just my 2 cents

    Cialis and viagra are so readily available they usually are not faked or switched. But anything is possible.
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    Next week ovigil 5000iu in stock
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    Thx u for review!
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    Is there any Injectable sdrol in your inventory? @NandroXL
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    Is this available domestic US
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    Has anyone tried his Mast E or EQ from Sigma?
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    Have actual hplc ... mast e was 244mg
    Eq 256. /ml
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  18. Are you on ERoids with the same handle and a different web site? Not accusing anything; just asking!!!