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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by NandroXL, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Mm dont know..I also cant PM you.
    Check first post you have contact info there..
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    I haven’t been in this site long. Is clicking “ conversation” a PM? I sent you one
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    . Screenshot_20191005-144413_Gallery.jpg
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    I sent u a pm
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    Is the same that you told me before?
  6. Correct. The "Start a Conversation" link in his profile would open the PM function.
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    Limited stock
    Malaya Tiger 20191007_141749.jpg
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    Nvm on that question man not appropriate to ask.
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    Can u post updated price list and product list
  11. NandroXL

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    Ask by email...
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    Hi @NandroXL , I have Alpha Pharma and Sigma Pharma Test Cyp from you. Both are very smooth. Both oils being thin implies there is EO and/or MCT in there.
    Can you tell me the carrier oil and their percentages are for both Alpha Pharma and Sigma Pharma?
    I need to know above info so that I can confirm/imply if EO and/or MCT is tolerated by my system.
  13. NandroXL

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    Blind sample 2 pills each substance ..
    Anavar 10mg. Actual 13mg
    Anavar 25mg. Actual 29mg
    Winstrol 25mg. Actual 33mg
    Dbol 25mg. Actual 26mg
    Proviron 25mg. Actual 25mg 20191010_084450.jpg 20191010_084354.jpg 20191010_084300.jpg 20191010_084217.jpg 20191010_083958.jpg
  14. NandroXL

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    Sigma 10%EO. 90% MTC
    Alpha 30%GSO/ 70% MTC
    Androchem MTC
    Malaya MTC
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  15. TheObjective1

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    Thank you sir that is awesome you do testing. Even tho you are the source I am pro testing.I would prefer people do it anoynmously but hey I will take what I can get.

    Also, has anyone had any recent TDs if so will you DM me please. I do not believe the source wants stuff discussed concerning that on the actual forum itself??
  16. TheObjective1

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    Has anyone made any recent orders?? Dm please.
  17. I had a TD land about a week and a half ago . My order consisted of 2x Sigma Tri-tren, 2x Sigma Test E, and cialis. The Tri-Tren has started to kick in (night sweats, getting random boners when the wind blows, and becoming more aggressive). The T/A was fast. It’s safe to say I’ll be ordering from Alpha again.

    I’m running the Tri-tren at .5 mil EOD (500 mg/week) and the Test-E at 1.5 mil Monday/Friday (600 mg/week).Personally, I respond better when I’m running the test higher. My decision to go EOD with the Tri-Tren was based on the fact that my blood levels would be more stable seeing as though it has Tren-A in it. If anyone has any experience or input on the matter, I’d like to hear it.
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    I cant get a list from him what happend?
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    Nothing happend...
    One of email was disable...
    Ask for email by PM.
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    why are the same pills testing so differently?