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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by NandroXL, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. GruntLife51

    GruntLife51 Member

    Anyone try SigmaTropin? Any good?
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  2. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    2 meso member posted blood test ..and i did hplc ..was over 3.40 .. score like pharma
  3. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    Interesting. Might have to take some of my corona stimulus and try
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  4. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

  5. GruntLife51

    GruntLife51 Member

    Nandro is a boss. My communication with him when placing an order is almost telepathic with little discussion and then I have my package in a few days.
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  6. TheBuff1979

    TheBuff1979 Member

    Always been good to me. Ty Nandro
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  7. TheMadTitan

    TheMadTitan Junior Member

    Ordered from Nandro multiple times everything is great, always fast shipping.
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  8. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    . EC30F72F-03E4-4F76-8AAB-DF01FB6D2E15.gif
  9. Big.E89

    Big.E89 Member

    Hey Nandro, do you have Sigma Anavar and winstrol back in stock?
  10. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    yes .. var ,winny in stock
  11. ShakenNotStirred85

    ShakenNotStirred85 Junior Member

    Smooth landing. Super fast. Thanks again Nandro!
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  12. Mac1056

    Mac1056 Member

    Another successful order. Quick and easy. Thx nandro.
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  13. Can any member vouch for the sigma Anavar?
  14. Big.E89

    Big.E89 Member

    From what I have received and used.* The Sigma Anavar was of good quality on two separate occasions
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  15. Kingkersis88

    Kingkersis88 Member

    Forgot to write this. Package came in a week. I already orderd again waiting on another one. Hes always been gtg and he has great customer service.
    I do wish he would being back some mtren. I had to order some from ppl raws. O well. Hes gtg
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  16. Leksis

    Leksis Member

    Bro do u have Alpha var?
  17. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    no .. have sigma
  18. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    . Adobe_Post_20200303_0550520.5044896657038296.jpg
  19. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    in stock Sigma Pharmacy
    var 10mg
    var 25mg
    wimstrol 10mg
    Winstrol 25mg
    dbol 10mg
    dbol 25mg
    Anadrol 50mg
    sdrol 10mg
    tbol 10mg
    halo 10mg
    proviron 25mg
    cialis 20mg Delivery.jpg
  20. adobeast

    adobeast Junior Member

    I have a friend who compete and have been using sigmatropin for a while and he says its same or better than pharma. I will put a order of 4 kits