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  1. Walking_boulder

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    Buy the bitcoin through cash app then transfer it to a wallet on coinbase then send funds through coinbase. Thats how I've done it in the past and for me the quickest way.
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  2. joeledux

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    Thanks again for the help. I'm diving into the deep dark pool of bitcoin this evening when I get back to my office. Now all I need is that price list....
  3. sakuraba126

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    Ordered sigma proviron and tren ace, received very promptly.
    75 mg of the proviron is boner city, and subjectively I feel like my mood has been lifted but so many variables there its hard to pinpoint a cause. Also, t/a was pretty good, regardless of coronacrisis.
    TLDR: Sigma Proviron from alpha anecdotally cranks libido, probably boosts mood. Subjectively stronger than equivalent proviron dose from other ugls (Srx )I've used (no knock on SRX, their stuff is good just seems a little less potent)
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  4. JC Grifter

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    Post some feedback once the Tren Ace kicks in. I have some ready to go later this year. I’m running sigma Deca first
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  5. ShakenNotStirred85

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    Does anyone else in this forum use MG for payment? I cant do BitCoin. Jusf asking for some advice. I've always used MG but address was In state.
  6. NandroXL

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    dont talk publicly about payment !!!
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  7. joeledux

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    Never got a response on the message I sent via the securenym email address. Trying again on the other address. I really would like to get the ball rolling soon.
  8. NandroXL

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    weird... i answer emails every couples h... let me check spam ..
  9. joeledux

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    Thanks for replying to my email, and for the list. I will be making an order in the next day or so. I just sent you another message, asking about shipping cost. I already know what I'm going to order.
  10. joeledux

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    Years ago I had a test that showed my natural level of testosterone was unusually low. It probably had been for a while, as I had a series of health issues and was sick off and on for an entire year. So the doctor first gives me a test injection, then I returned later in the week and got some testosterone pellets under my skin, good for about six months. I did physically feel better after I'd had it in my system for a couple weeks. I didn't really notice any change in my mood. Over the next few months I had three different people, including my wife, independently tell me how much more easy going and content I had been recently. And after I heard it from the third person, I had to really sit and think about it and, yes, my mood had improved markedly. After my second dose of implants, I fell on some financial hard times, lost my insurance, all that. And I wasn't able to continue getting a new set of pellets every five or six months, and as the last implants petered out I for sure noticed that I began to feel physically and psychologically worse.

    Testosterone is not something I believe I can take for a mood lifter, not exactly. But I do think having an unnaturally low level of it contributes to malaise. At least it does for me. I'm not just taking this stuff to get hugely muscular. Speaking for myself, I think it contributes to my physical and psychological health in multiple ways. And it's ridiculous that back when I was competing (in the 80s) all the buzz was about how anabolics are terrible for your health and make you crazy. What absolute bullshit. Propaganda, like how they used to say marijuana can take a blue-eyed American boy and turn him into a psychopath and a sex fiend.

    I know that a few people I argued with about this were rock-solid certain that Arnold Schwarzenegger would never live to see his fiftieth birthday. They also loved to point out to me that Lyle Alzado died of brain cancer because he took steroids (except he didn't). I guess they're still sitting around waiting for Arnold to die. Yet, in his seventies, he's healthy, and ten times as fit and muscular as anybody else his age. Go figure.
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  11. NandroXL

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    new product in stock

    ○Primo Mix 150
    50mg Primo Ace
    100mg Primo Enan

    ○Nandro Mix 250
    50mg Npp
    100mg Nandro Cyp
    100mg Nandro Deca

    ○Eq Mix 250
    50mg Bold Ace
    100mg Bold Cyp
    100mg Bold Unde

    ○Master Mix 200
    100mg Drost Prop
    100mg Drost Enan
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    just placed an order with this man and I wanted to reach out and let everyone know he is a man of his word-shipping was fast-and the products are very smoothhhhhh! There was alittle hiccup in the order and he immediately fixed the issue I will order from him again and I highly recommend!!!!

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  13. OSEM

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    Just wanted to hop in and say Nandro is a solid source. I've been using his Sigma products for a year or two now, I think they're the best US domestic products you can get for the price. Recently there was a shipping issue and he reshipped no questions asked. He's always done right by me so I just wanted to shill real quick.
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    First transaction with alpha was flawless. Appreciate it sir!
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    Deus orals and pct in stock ..

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    Current email? I have 2 addresses for you. Is current price list in this thread?
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    Post #3251 has both Emails. Request a list
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  20. ShakenNotStirred85

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    Another quick and smooth landing from Nandro. Awesome service! Awesome quality! Thanks again!
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