Am I being a whiny bitch? Need a outside perspective on TRT

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    Hey all. Seriously want some thoughts here. I will give the short story. 6 years ago was in shape and healthy as fuck (natural). Always had great testosterone levels (unfortunately can't find old labs pre me having interwebs). Then the short of it was I injured my spine pretty bad. Lots of physio blah blah. Started lifting again blah blah. Decided that AAS could give me a few years of my life back. IT DID and I loved it and everything that came with it nothing negative! Before my AAS use my test was at, 12 so 345. I thought that was pretty damn low but they won't do anything about that in Canada. Post AAS with power pct I was at 10 so 288. I know I can get it back up to 13 or so no problem. My Endocrinologist says that's fine.....but I feel like shit again. Fought depression and fatigue all those years and don't want to go back to it! I feel great on Testosterone. My endocrinologist said if I decide to put myself on TRT that he will monitor me and help me, he is just not allowed under Canadian guidelines to prescribe it...

    My LH and FSH are high. Primary hypogonadisim?

    Am I being a whiny cunt or are those levels actually pretty low?.....from my research yes, but I value the experience of the people here!

    When I say TRT...I DO NOT mean blast and cruise. Proper TRT

    Sorry about lab picture quality I don't know why it did that.

    Thanks in advance!

    Screenshot_20200317-100735.png Screenshot_20200317-102609.png download (1)~2.png download~2.png
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    Where the number is in the low end is pretty irrelevant if you’re having side effects known to be associated with low T. Your numbers, i assume (by age), place you in the 5th percentile or so..
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    I agree.... It's just a big decision in life haha. I did get bad side effects. I went from being driven as hell to barely able to get up to work. I feel like me again on testosterone.
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    Low T sucks.
    It is great your doc will monitor you. Is your doc okay with you consistently being at the high end of normal?
    Going from 300 to 600 may not make you feel any different.
    Going from 300 to 1000 may or may not make you feel any different either. The only way to know is to give it a “shot” ;).
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    Thanks... a lot to think about lol. Some of the long term health risks worry me.
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    Hey, get on TRT but only if you can get a doc script. If you get bunk shit or cannot get it then shit can get much worse
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    Yeah that's my only problem..... Doctors in Canada can't treat even if you are really low. The guide line does not take age into consideration.
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    25F0D3FA-4D8E-4978-AE59-399E5752A27B.jpeg Sorry to hijack your post but I’ve decided to do the TRT route for good. I tried getting my natural level back up for almost a year and only got it up to 280’s. Here’s my latest bloodwork from starting up again last month but my issue is the first two weeks I felt amazing libido was great but since then I feel more fatigue and libido is gone. Should I up the dose or try and get the E2 lowered a bit? My protocol has been 150mg weekly with adex .5 twice a week.
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    I personally feel good at a higher e2 I don't take any AI and at 400 or 500 test. Why is the e2 so right at a physiological level of test? That is probably a good starting point. What is current body fat percentage? There is more aromatise enzyme in fat. What was past cycle if any like? Time after cycle to trt ? All this will play a roll
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    Appreciate the reply. I’m 5’8 180. Diet is clean for the most part and I cut out as much sugar as I can. In my 20’s I was uneducated and dumb so I would just blast with no pct. I’m 33 now and I must have went through 4 docs who were not much help at all. After a few years of research I’ve decided to do this on my own. I did find out that I aromatize very easy past bloods so that’s why I take the AI.
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    Very odd. Estradiol is metabolized and reduced by the liver more or less. CYP1A2 and CYP3A4 in The liver , and by CYP1A1 in extrahepatic tissues. Lol hope you're not a smoker! I would be looking into root cause as opposed to self treatment.
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    Concerning TRT, numbers are just a baseline.
    You can't treat a number but you can treat people.
    Some people on TRT feel fine at 3 or 400 TT while it may take someone else 5 or 600 TT to feel good.
    Treat the feel and not just the number.
    You may find you feel normal at a very low dose or it may take a higher dose.
    Just remember, don't overdo it and keep up with your bloods.
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    Suffering is shit and rectifying the issue of primary hypo its fucking hard. Life is short do whatever it is you need to do to make yourself feel good.
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    That hell pct you passed through made you humbly enlightened.
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    I have read through everything you went through as well....damn! Glad you made it through lol!
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    Do whatever you need to do to make sure you're feeling your best self. Seriously.

    Just a personal example. I'm under my 30s, I felt like shit for last 4+ years battling issues with fat only around my stomach area and love handles,muscle loss a little bit, feeling tired sleepy and unmotivated along with no confidence Toa certain degree along with a slight thyroid issue. I went to get checked out, everything looked good and my test total came out to be right near bottom 500s. Within the last month I decided to hop on.
    I now feel normal if that makes any sense. My throat is no longer feeling as if I'm straining it constantly. Fat loss around my stomach area disappearing. I'm able to live and have energy to do things again.

    So do the best you can for yourself, as long as your bloods are in line anyway. Best of luck to you!
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    you shouldnt need an ai ever on trt dose. Why not try a lower dose and or frequent injections before doing an ai.
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    High LH/FSH means that the pituitary senses Testosterone is low so it ramps up LH/FSH to try to get more T made in the testis.

    Some hcg can help
    200-250 IU HCG per week
    Get Test and Estradiol bloodwork in a month.

    If estradiol begins to rise too much, start a tiny dose of an aromatase inhibitor.
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    Take the sun naked, your genitals need sunlight!
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    I realize this. When LH/FSH are high and testosterone is low that points to Primary Hypogonadisim. Since the post I have gotten on try after going to a men's clinic. Spinal cord injury is the most likely cause.