Am I too old for this shit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Theworm, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Theworm

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    let’s say a guy is 41, has 5 kids, professional job (not bb), is he too old to be blasting 500 deca and 500 test for 16 weeks? Is it time to move on, like 40 year olds who spike their hair, wear cut off sleeves to a gym, wear “tap out” shirts etc?

    I think no, but sometimes I feel like the only person thinking like I do.
  2. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    To me, health is what matters most when in the gear game. If you are in great health with no underlying medical issues, you should be able to run such cycles. Best thing is to listen to your body and be prepared to make adjustments when your body senses something wrong.

    Just my opinion and not intended to be expert advice.
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  3. master.on

    master.on Member

    Not too old IMO
    but I'd stick to no-testosterone cycles along some hcg.
  4. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member Supporter

    I feel like I've had this conversation with you before...maybe I'm losing my mind but have a sense of dejavue!?!
  5. genixcon

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    Never to old to improve your life
  6. You're never too old to improve yourself.
    How you go about it is your choice, but i believe moderation and patience is key.
  7. SteroidsBro

    SteroidsBro Member

    Oh ffs not this shit again. You were doing so well.
  8. Giveitago

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    I didn’t do my first cycle until 37
  9. taco33150

    taco33150 Member

    I’m 40 .. still blast... I didn’t start till 35....
    All my blood work is always in line, blood pressure cholesterol etc nothing out of whack
  10. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    I’m turning 40 this year and I have two blasts coming this year. If you’re healthy and stay on top of bloodwork... then yes. I probably won’t be blasting past 50 though. Just trt and hgh at that point
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  11. ManK

    ManK Member

    i started @ 42 y old
  12. gearwolf

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    it's certainly a mid life crisis move, especially with 5 kids that may need an optimally healthy dad for support.

    many bodybuilders (usually those that never dieted properly nor competed) want to keep up/keep chasing their younger years, taking more gear, getting more injured, instead of letting go and switching to an anti-aging/quality of life cycle.

    I used to compete and ran the typical cycles of high test, npp, tren / AI/prolactin control etc. but now that I'm >30 years old I transitioned to 125mg test, 500-600mg primo & 2-3iu hgh which is great for non-competitive BB and healthy bloodwork/feeling of well-being.

    I recommend against blasting at that age as well because your aged joints & tendons won't keep up with the increased strength & hypertrophy potential of your muscles
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  13. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    I disagree. I feel as energetic at 40 as I did at 20. I never beat up my joints and tendons during that time. A low dose blast can do you some good and still be safe. My over 40 plan is keeping my trt dose with a low dose of something else. Works well for me.

    but I agree if someone older is trying to lift and cycle like they were 25 and competing.
  14. CDNGass

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    Here’s the thing. And I’m not saying do this or that. Everyone flames ppl in there 20s to wait till later in life to cycle( I agree with this btw). So 30s/ 40s is when you should cycle. There’s no reason you can’t as long as your healthy. That’s my opinion! Good luck!
  15. murray312

    murray312 Member

    No you're not too old. Alotta guys don't even start using peds till we hit our 30s for whatever reasons. 40 isn't that far along. I've had that thought cross my mind as I'm squatting in my garage in 15 degree weather with a space heater blasting at me and I ask myself why the fuck am I even doing this as I watch the steam coming thru my sweat shirt. Then That inner restlessness to grow still Burns. I start to have existential thoughts like what the fuck else could I be doing? Drinking beer working on my lawn mower? Watching TV?Hating my limp Dicked life as my beer gut grows so I fit into a stereotypical dadbod? Is that what society expects from me? One day might come where training isn't physically possibly, that may be the time to stop, but until then Fuck being too old for anything. I wouldn't be caught wearing a tap out shirt tho.
  16. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Not at all. Us old fucks just have to be a bit smarter with what we run. You can run moderate cycles of test, mast, EQ, primo etc. quite safely.

    My days of running cycles of tren, superdrol etc. are over. No more orals, no more harsh drugs meant for farm animals.

    Tapout shirts and spiked hair weren't even cool in the 90s. Now they're just sad. Wearing that shit is like buying a Mazda Miata and cruising around the university campus wearing cargo shorts and mirrored Oakleys.
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  17. Theworm

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    Like what? I have to use hrt clinics so I can only get hgh, test, oxandrolone and deca...
  18. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    I am approaching 56 and still looking to run a test/npp cycle this spring. As part of my training I do go conservative with weight as I am mindful of the risk of injury when going real heavy at my age.
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  19. Theworm

    Theworm Member

    Well said. I go to my kids school and the dads look like shit, big guts, bald etc, and I look like the rock compared...

    Then I say I feel damn good too and believe it’s all worth it.
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  20. Human_backhoe

    Human_backhoe Member

    Do you think you will have enough estrogen when shut down? Do you believe HCG alone is enough to do that? Is it worth the risk of torn ligament and dry joints? Even a "trt" dose of test will aromatise enough to keep you "safer". A test base is tried tested and true for a reason in my opinion unless I am missing something ?
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