Has Been Selling Illegal Injectable Peptides


Are those peptides mentioned actually illegal anywhere in the world?

Under local law, which is pretty fucking strict all the peptides mentioned are perfectly legal, due to the fact that not a single of the mentioned peptides cannot be used as PED.


I noticed something else. There are some things that aren't illegal to sell in the country they sell it(different country websites, like have different listings than as example) but in some cases they need prescriptions in other countries and they still ship it there.

Injectable vitamines and pregnenolone as an example. These need a prescription in my country but on different country sites of amazon i can order them and get them shipped to my address without having to show a prescription or something like that. (pregnenolone needs a prescription here because every bioidentical hormone needs one ).

I tried to buy injectables vitamines in a local pharmacy and they refused to sell it to me without a prescription. So i bought them on amazon and received them after a few days without any problems :D

Pregnenolone is available on and they ship to my address too


I've been working on a bunch of amazon job sites. The guys doing the last one said there next job is a pill packaging plant in Boston.
I bought some peps from amazon uk... and those fuckin vials werent vacuum sealed in first place, and I didn’t have the face flushes i always had with mod grf + ghrp6 ...

Hope they ll burn in hell for eternity

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