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    Do I need a filter if I pin oil from an ampule? Is their a risk of getting glass shards in my injection?
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    Good question I got some ampoules that weren't friendly and didn't break cleanly, my source made up for it, I ended up using the end of a 3ml syringe ,as an amp breaker, to get a clean break....Still wonder if glass is getting in there...
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    Your fine.
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    The shards are hella anabolic...

    Jk...your good dude
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    I asked this a while back and most said no need to filter. I’ve ran a couple hundred extras with no filter as long as I got a clean break on the top, otherwise I used a needle filter
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    Ok cool bro, what’s best way to get a clean break?
  8. The nurse (rn) that showed me how to do my trt shots said you should always use a syringe filter for amps just incase.
  9. Frank, you beautiful bastard. How are you?

    i injected more Omna amps (back in the day) than i can count. Seriously, hundreds of those fuckers. Never had a single issue with amp glass shards.

    That was me though. If it's a serious concern, it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of caution and buy some filter needles. Better safe than sorry, right?
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    What up brutha!!! How da Fucc you been man?! Good to hear from you.
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  11. Same here. Still running the rat race, you know how it is.
    Glad to see you're back on the forums and still kicking ass.
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    I’m bout to go HAM!
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    Been running amps for years and years never needed a filter you will be good to go brotha. But doesn't hurt to have on hand if you have second thoughts
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    Best way I found was using a wrag and popping it off
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  15. VAGeo87

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    Wrapper from the alcohol pad around the top tip of the amp above the line and pop - off comes the top. Usually. My two cents on amps.