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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Gentlestrength, Apr 17, 2004.

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    Hello everyone, I am new to the board so just saying howdy. I am confident about my sexuality in real life, so feel I should be on the internet, after all we are who we are, so yes you guessed it I am gay. I hope this doesn't prove a problem for anyone, and if it does, well I feel it is your problem not mine. Lol now I have got that behind me, a little about my weight-lifting - I have been weight training for 3 years, I started at 360lbs and was an obese 35% bodyfat, and have trimmed down to 300lbs at 6'4. I must admit this weight training is addictive! Anyhow that's me, and if there are any other muscle bears or cubs on the board feel free to PM me!
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    Why would you start an introduction with..."Hi, I am gay" on a Steroid/weighttraining board? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.. I've never once introduced myself by saying "Hi, I'm a heterosexual"....In fact, I've seen hundreds of introductions on this board..and you are the first to annouce your sexual orientation first and foremost...

    Apparently being gay defines the most important thing about you?

    This site is not a Gay hook site up or a chat room for you and your bears and cubs...This site deals with Anabolics and weight training .. I'm not trying to be an asshole but it appears by the way you introduced yourself that you're here trying to pick up on other guys... If that's your thing.. I don 't care... but just so you know.... you're not going to "place an add" and use this site as a dating service.. If that's what you're looking for there are plenty of other sites you can go to...

    Now with all that being said.. I wish you Good luck and I say welcome aboard.. I hope this site can answer whatever questions you have about weight training and anabolic steroids..

    Take care,



    Pics go in the members pictures section.. Typically they deal only with body building or power lifting...
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    wait till FreakyFreddy gets ahold of this post.
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    Phreezer, no my sexuality is just one facet of my personality, like any person gay straight, bisexual or cross gendered, it is just on other message boards I have made friends, only to have abuse thrown at me when an experience from my private life is mentioned by me, so I wanted to get it out the way so people would take me at face value - for my interest in weight training and my personality, and get any bigots out of the way. I am sorry if it seemed like tendering dates, but that was not my intention!! I have a partner of 8 years who I am very happy with!
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    Jah live is also a cub. I think you two would look great popping each other's cinnamon buns.

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    Here we go....we already had the religion thread, just finished the race thread, now here comes the sexuality thread.

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    Can't we all just get along? :D
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    "I am confident about my sexuality in real life, so feel I should be on the internet, after all we are who we are, so yes you guessed it I am gay. I hope this doesn't prove a problem for anyone, and if it does, well I feel it is your problem not mine."

    I don't see why queers need to discus their sexuality at an introduction or every ten minutes thereafter ("I'm here and I'm queer"). If you keep it out of my face then it is not an issue. If you constantly bring it up then I will give you my opinion.
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    Welcome aboard bro,

    I have to agree with Phreezer and ask you why was it imperative that you tell everyone you are gay right off the bat?! If you are here for training and AAS advice, then come here for it. Dont wave the gay flag. I could give a damn who is gay and who is straight. This is not a gay/lesbian forum so leave the sexuality off the posts unless it is of importance to your specific post/thread.

    By the way, I am not flaming you. I just dont get why gay people HAVE to make it known that they are gay!!! People do it here at school too. If they are gay, they make sure everyone and their mother knows it. Who gives a damn. THere always has to be gay pride parades and awareness me, those are total bullshit and it is reverse predjudice. If we had a parade for straight people only, there would be utter chaos. If you want to post in this forum, talk to us about your training. We would be glad to talk with you about that area.


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    EXACLTY!!! Well put bro! Your sexual orientation is NOT your defining characteristic nor is it any of ours. I dont greet people and say, "Hey bro, im George and I love pussy!!!"


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    "Hello, my name is ________ and I love pussy" is how I have introduced myself when found in situations of a vast amount of turd burglars.

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    OMG wtf was this all about :mad:
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    i love the name GentleStrength though. its a good name to sum up your character. i think i might change mine to ErectPenis
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    lmfao, good stuff
    cool pic too, thanks
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    welcome. sit. stay a while.

    have a nice day
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    Do you wear a speedo around the yard like someone else on this board lol
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    Damn, I think it took me ten minutes to read this. I have tears running from LMAO.

    And no Im not a cub or whatever you said.......WTF is a cub.....still LMAO.
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    Lmao- I Read This 2x And My Girl Came In To See What I Was Laughing At And Now She Is On The Floor. From Preezer With The Bear And Cub Comment To The Bro Changing His Name To Erectpenis.
    Anyway, Welcome Bro And Remember It Is All In Good Fun.