anabolic doc pct is a waste

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  1. 5millionbucks

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    heres the vid; basically saying after doing multiple cycles pct is useless
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  2. MindlessWork

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    Sounds like a bunch of hokum.
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  3. Dr JIM

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    PTC may very will be a waste of time in chronic AAS users, and is why many end up on TRT.

    It doesn’t matter how long you run AAS
    and whether or not PCT is utilized, bc eventually spontaneous HTPA recovery must occur and no exogenous drug or compound can change this fact.

    That being said the video is pure BS
    bc it’s a proven FACT SERMS do increase
    gonadotropin levels and as a result TT values

    The problem is much like AAS and anabolic gains, once the stimulus (SERMS) is discontinued gonofotropin and therefore TT levels decline, with the end result being Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism .
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  4. 5millionbucks

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    well basically he said pct should be done with beginners and people who usually cycle in their 20s-30s have an easier time recovering. But the more cycles and the longer you are on; most of the time there is no point in doing pct; just hop on TRT. I kind of agree but have seen logs of someone doing a 1-2 year blast and cruise with a shitload of anabolics and literally come off doing something like Scalley's PCT(maybe even more aggressive) then 3 months down the line there bloodwork is same as pre bloods. Also genetic too imo; I do believe maybe running hcg starting from your first cycle would prevent leydig cells from degenerating.
  5. Dr JIM

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    A three month lag after years of cycling
    forget it.

    Try 6 mos ater the longest AAS ester clears and then run pct

    I believe PCT can make a difference but many folk refuse to delay its onset discontinue its use far to early.

    Oh and there’s no need to blast PCT at the dosages some are using based upon
    an extension of more is better

    WHY ? Bc the HTPA is very small about half the size of a pea and so too are the number of receptors SERMS antagonize
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  6. Mac11wildcat

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    If he’s referring to the cumulative value of having cruises between blasts....sure. It that’s apples to oranges though.
  7. master.on

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    The best "pct" is to use hcg during cycle.
    Thus testes are kept working
    so only the pituitary needs to get back to making LH/FSH once HCG clears.
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  8. ManK

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    I am trying a restoration after 2,5 years of trt/cycles (usually 10 week trt/8 week cycle). i am 48 y old, do you think is better if i remain on trt?
  9. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    If your goal is to come off then do it. You can get back on TRT if it fails or when you’re ready. I think it’s smart for everyone to come off every once and a while if they still can.
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  10. ManK

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    Infact i am trying also if i know is very hard at my age.
    But i would also to continue make a 10/12 week cycle once or maximum twice each years.... for this i am not so convinced i am doing the right thing.
  11. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    There’s nothing wrong with coming off for 3+ months and baselining again.

    Almost everyone who uses AAS goes back on, that’s no surprise. But there can still be value in taking a break from gear if you do it right.
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  12. Dr JIM

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    This question comes up quite often in those your age who are considering TRT

    To that end I need to understand what you mean by better ?
  13. ManK

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    I specify, i made since may 2016 cycles (8-10 weeks, more often 8 weeks) and trt (self prescibed 125 mg week, for 8-10 week) until last october (2,5 years).
    For better i mean "maybe is prefereble/advisable" choose trt (also because pct could fail after all this time and at my age).
    Thank you
  14. Alien_Genetics

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    Check this out from Rich Piana and his hcg protocol
  15. Dr JIM

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    I suggest you obtain post TRT labs first.

    It not a matter of recovery but whether
    you will be satisfied w the degree of recovery, as in baseline TT levels, in the absence of supplementation.
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  16. Hawkins

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  17. ManK

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    That is a very very old way to use hcg: insane and waste...
  18. Demondosage

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    Have any of you guys ever seen the movie Point Break?

    Do you remember the very end scene where Bodie tries to ride one last big wave? That part when the police say ,"It's ok, we'll get him when he comes back, and Keanu Reeves says ,"He's not coming back."

    Yea, I think of that movie scene every time I hear about the magic pct protocols to get guys off TRT and long-term AAS use
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