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    Anybody know any decent Steroid Doctors for Anabolic recovery ? There's Doctor O'Connor online with Testosteronology but hes charging 1,750 and a 400 consultation fee. I'm assuming most HRT doctors know about the HPTA axis - but with steroids/anabolics its a bit trickier with how it messes with the body and most HRT doctors are into "Anti-aging" and the HPTA damage may be a gray area for them for proper treatment/recovery.

    So anybody know any decent doctors who know about the HPTA axis/steroids.

    I've personally never used anabolics or steroids - Just Test-Boosters, OTC pct, clomid, nolva, and hcg and my body is crazy sensitive and messed up. Most lay-people are so close minded when you try to explain "Sensitivity" or the HPTA axis.
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    OTC test boosters are just gimmicks. The only thing you've listed that'll cause supression is hcg.

    Why were you on nolva, etc?
  3. I’ll save you the trouble, they'll tell you to simply stop using, which you never even have to begin with. hcg shouldn’t be much trouble recovering from. What makes you think you even have a problem, do you even have a hormone panel?
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    @Michael Scally MD knows a little bit about recovery. Just a little bit.

    ^ click his name in this post, go to his meso profile and click "information". His email is in there.
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    Thank you Eman! Good to know that hcg is legitimately the only thing that should cause suppression within the HPTA axis.

    @The Terminator - Took 4 test-freak pills back in early 2017 and woke up the next day with swelling breast pain. Pretty positive the test-booster acted like a pro-hormone and the testosterone spiked up rapidly. Had to cycle on the test-booster for my body to mimic testosterone feelings and took Erase pro plus for pct. Tried running clomid, nolva, and arimidex so I could stop cycling on the test-freak or erase pro pills - Testosterone spiked in the beginning but dropped to 219 so I was not able to run a complete PCT because the HPTA axis was sensitive to the clomid and nolva drugs. Have since tried to run Clomid and nolva with issues of the HPTA axis getting shutdown - Recently tried taking HCG which shut me down even faster. Blood-work is normalizing for testosterone labs but my brain has some-type of neuroendocrine dependence on those drugs to generate feelings of testosterone or erections. HPTA axis I think gets hooked on those cycles and the brain gets messed up - LH receptor cells are another issue.
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    I know an Anabolic doctor in London...
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    I cant think that 4 pills of anything would be enough to permanently throw off your hpta balance.

    What are your lh and fsh levels? What is your test level? Perhaps you have high SHBG which makes you feel low t symptoms even without low t?

    Honestly, healthcare is expensive. Dr o'Conner is going to be $2500 probably. How much will multiple trips to a local doc plus bloodwork be?

    Without bloodwork, we are all just taking a shot in the dark.
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    Spend the $150 on a comprehensive blood panel with hormones and then come back..
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    As a matter fact I do have a high SHBG and low free testosterone. SHBG is probably high from the clomid. Not so much the 4 pills but the accumulation of everything I mentioned. I don't think anybody goes to GNC - buys a test-booster and gets the reaction I got. LH was 1.3 last time I checked.

    Doctor O'Connor does mention Test-boosters being a issue in a youtube video and how even if your not medically low that HPTA axis can get skewed from roids.
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    You speak like you are a smart guy, but then you venture off and spend hard earned money on fucking bullshit test boosters, and then HCG. Like any of those are fucking good ideas to experiment with. No wonder your body is messed up. Wtf chuck ?? I would like to help. So here me out, don’t do what ever comes to YOUR mind. Tbh l, if you go to a doctor. You are basically paying them to say the same thing I told you, wtf??? Why did you not just go with test???? I think you answered you own question to, regarding being able to find a decent doctor that is t going to charge you, your first born to give you good info.
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    Or you could just hop on TRT and go back to enjoying life
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    :( - My doctor and endocrinologist saw that testosterone was in normal range for labs. Endo kept a open mind and said he doesn't know why I have to cycle on the test-pills.

    Doc told me it was a testosterone Injection when I complained about breast pain with the 4 pills. Later said I had OCD and nobody can help you with testosterone unless your medically low.

    Keep in mind my testosterone was 219 at one point after clomid/nolvadex. Took a medical leave of absence from college so I could STOP everything.

    Your 100 percent right - I was experimenting with something I never should had have.
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    How old are you?
  14. Sounds like a mental thing if I’m going to be real with you.

    As Big Mac daddy said get some blood work and go from there.
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    Unbelievable, fella is suppressed by hcg.
    I'm not buying it.
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    By test pills what do you mean? If youve been taking SARMS then I could see why you have fucked up.
  17. Yeah man I’m gonna say this is a psychological thing, unless you can prove me wrong with multiple hormone panels showing suppression. HCG isn’t gonna cause you lasting problems. Maybe if your test booster was laced with roids but not gonna be really suppressed from 4 pills, two years ago. My recommendation is to never take anything that will affect your hormones, and find something to occupy your mind, a hobby, gf or multiple gf, or bf if you swing that way.
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    Thanks Terminator! I'll Practice mindfulness but the bitches are too crazy. I will definitely take your advice

    I think Androgen Induced Hypogonadism as explained here ASIH HOME1 would explain my issue.

    Michael Scally MD - knows his stuff

    I know these drugs effect certain brain synapses too which is a even stronger Grey Area. I remember clomid and nolva effecting how I was able to get a erection/orgasm which is why experimented taking them - Instead of focusing on the overall recovery.

    I'm 27
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    I'm so confused how you have done this. What were them damn pills bro?
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    Yeah he does. But he will charge you ridiculous amounts of money, when you can simply learn yourself.