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  1. Hello fellas i wanted to drop by and simply offer a promo here for the meso members today.We are an international reseller and supply quality brands and we are stocking new products on the weekly.We are not an UGL so we bypass many issues found in the ugl scene and we feature discounts and speacial promo offers.
    We can be found at many paid boards and have active member logs,reveiws and feedback on our outstanding customer service and discreet shipping.
    The brands we carry can be found featured at the anaboliclab website with simec testing results so no need to question the quality of your product choices.
    We offer 3 payment options for our customers.
    Moneygram,western union and bitcoin.
    • We have very small number of seizures, high-grade products. All items in our shop are tested in a special lab so we are aware of what we offer our clients.
    • Our service is one of the best.
    • We work only with the brands that we trust.
    • Your order is sent directly to you. We control the quality of the products and collaborate directly with the source of the items which are sold in our shop. Every item that is delivered to you we know well and we can guarantee the finest quality.
    • We are experienced sellers. All our products are checked and delivered straight to you. We are aware of what we sell.
    • We ship worldwide. Shipping to Europe usually takes around 10-14 days. For US 14-16 days. Flat shipping rate – 25USD.
    • Nowadays many shops are just doing marketing and the shipment is performed by others from around the world. It means that they don’t control the quality of the products you receive. We in turn deliver the products by ourself without the use of third party.
    • There exist people who are able to appraise a good thing. But some people can’t do it. But you can be sure that there are no unsatisfied customers in our shop.
    • In fact there is no other source that posts correctly done laboratory tests as we do it. We saw just fake results posted. They don’t have people who can proper tests. It is impossible to prove if the drug came out well if you don’t check the final product. We can do a laboratory test from the beginning till the end.
    Brands we carry
    Sp laboratories
    Radjay Pharmaceutical
    Balkan Pharmaceuticals

    Reveiws,Product logs and discussions can be found at-
    That being said i would like to offer this discount code for meso members for 25% off your entire order of any and all products listed on our website.

    Discount code - MESO25RX

    Enter this code in the coupon box at checkout and your order will be deducted of 25% off.

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    Question, how do you bypass lots of the issues found with uGL's, when you in fact offer products that are all from UGL's?
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    Oh boy here we go :rolleyes:
  4. Good question.The answer i can give to you is that we are not an ugl but a reseller of brands that are very well known,documented and have a high quality along with a good reputation.
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    Take one for the team.everything he posted should catch your attention for your first cycle !
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    Those reviews seem to be on some rather dicey forums we cannot make a firm judgement on how good overall service is and how you protect customers. What is your say on that?
  7. Which forums would you prefer sir?
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    This +1

    Those other places are not as objective as Mesorx is.
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    The problem with reviews are you're just a reseller and people are reviewing the gear. Its a very different business model than say Pharmacom who can't just wipe their hands if the gear is bad. The same can be said of any online retailer though I guess.
    How do you deal with data on your server? Completed order details deleted every few weeks?
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    Fucking sweet !!!! I'll have something to do this weekend keeping up with this thread ! Been waiting on one of these, for selfish reason of course lmao:D:D:D great entertainment.. Maybe @CdnGuy can vouch for them?:rolleyes:
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    Usually it is the weekend when the spammers, scammers and trolls come out to play . Fun fun! :D
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  13. i love new source Friday's.
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    thats a good name for it:)
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  15. This is the post of the day. We bypass the problems with ugls. We do this by reselling ugl gear. I usually don't get involved in the ugl bashing but that is the dumbest statement I've heard in a while. This is what is called a self defeating statement. Which I will explain to you since you're obviously retarded. It means your statement proves itself invalid. Now please kindly get off my forum.
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    This doesn't answer his question, AT ALL! Please, try again.. If you're selling from UGL's, your essentially a mixture of UGL's.. Most likely at a higher price.
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  17. The response was ment to clarify that we do not have the same task as an ugl meaning materials and production enviroment.Simply research the products and choose if you like to purchase.All of the products we carry have a verification process available as well by each brand.
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    Meaning, you have no fucking idea what you're actually selling, rather that you trust other drug manufacturers to be honest... Then you profit off of selling their unknown products, yeah?
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  19. As a reseller we are entitled to deliver what the consumer pays for safely and discreetly in a timely manner.The products we carry are very common and known brands and not very hard to find out of the quality.The prices are very reasonable as one can simply compare the brands prices to any other resellers as they wish to.
  20. Meaning we have a good idea of what we are selling and choose our products wisely.