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    Hello MesoRX,

    This is Dr Gainz and I am introducing my lab Anabolic Gainz. I have been brewing for 5 years now. I have read a lot of other intro threads to get an idea of what to expect so I am going to try my best to answer all questions. I understand I am a new source and want to do my best to instill trust and be able to serve this community as best as I can.

    I used to source on the old SST for 1.5 years before it went down. My ratings were always positive, and I had 20+ blood work posted with no bad reviews.

    The raws we use currently are sourced through purple panda labs, and we conduct a melting point test on all raws.

    All of our lab glassware is always cleaned and thoroughly rinsed with alcohol and distilled water. All oils are vacuum pumped through .2um filters.

    All order information/emails are deleted 7 days after order is shipped. I only use protonmail email for communication.

    I am US domestic and only ship to the US. I will not entertain offers to ship outside the US. Orders are normally shipped within 1-2 days after payment is confirmed.

    I am currently running a sale for 25% off marked prices for MesoRX members only. When you order, please put in the title "MesoRX 25 Off Order" and just calculate your order accordingly.

    Test P 100mg - $25
    Test E 300mg - $30
    tren A 120mg - $45
    Tren E 250mg - $50
    Deca 250mg - $30
    Mast P 100mg - $45
    EQ 200mg - $35
    NPP 100mg - $30

    ** All vials contain 10ml each. Brewed with organic safflower oil. 20% BB 2%BA

    nolvadex - $30
    arimidex - $30
    clomid - $30

    ** All orals are 30 capsules a pack. #4 size capsules. Filler is chocolate protein powder.


    WU & MG coming soon

    $10 - 2/3 day
    $40 - Rush overnight

    Feel free to ask any questions or email to order. Below are pics of stock, and obligatory wife's tits pic.






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    First bitches
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    Wait, today isn’t Friday.
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    Hell yeah. Last week was Gucci Gear and this week we welcome Dr. Gainzzz up in this muthafucka house!
  5. ickyrica

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    Not a lot of product or raws for a public lab but it's a better start than most.

    OP, have any testing done on your raws or oils?
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    @Anabolic Gainz

    What's your lab equipment and set up look like -- please provide pictures at your earliest convenience.
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    Nice to see you included the gratuitous pic of the wife’s tits despite the recent Me Too Movement at MESO. Sprinkling a little gear in there was a nice touch too. Not a bad start.

    We need pics of your lab setup and since you have existing blood tests from your days at SST, let’s see those too.
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    It seems that everyone that brews are relying on PPL raws as their main go to.

    So Dr. Gainz @Anabolic Gainz do you have a back up source for Raws or do you solely rely on PPL?

    You have been brewing 5 yrs but only sourced for 1.5 yrs on sst, what were you doing the other 3.5 yrs?

    Pics of lab equipment, filters, ect will also need to be added.
    (W/Meso and date)

    Do you plan on expanding your list or keep it small and simple?

    Why the z at the end of gainz instead of an s? Just curious lol.

    Lastly, for now, why did you choose Meso to source from?
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    Better intro than Gucci Gear..
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    Please prescribe me some anabolic gainz doc!
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  11. i will say, it's about fucking time a new source pops up and actually has some of the shit we want to see in the intro.

    Question. Are you sourcing on the new SST now? If not, why not?

    Any members here that are members of SST, it wouldn't hurt to verify the claims the sources have made. It would be much appreciated as well.
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  12. MindlessWork

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    Amen, SST isn’t squeaky clean so good point there.
  13. Horimono

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    Your orals don’t have a mg concentration. Are we supposed to guess?
  14. the1_berzerk

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    Ill chime in here. He was actually my first source and used to be called house of gainz. Idk why the name change but I ran my first cycle of test only with him at 500mg a week and my bloods came back at about 2700 I believe. Also used his arimidex and my e2 in range. I actually still have some of his stuff left over lol
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    Intriguing o_O
  16. bigpoppachump

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    Your NPP is mislabeled as 200mg fyI
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    Gold star for you sir. Good eyes
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  18. Cornfed

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    Deca labels also read 200 when he listed them as 250.
  19. bigpoppachump

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    arimidex = 1mg
    nolvadex = 25mg
    clomid = 25mg
  20. bigpoppachump

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    I'll see your deca250 and raise you a mislabeled tren ace at 125mg when he stated 120mg lol
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