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    Independent and Objective Product Testing

    I am pleased to announce the launch of [ Anabolic Lab - Independent Analytical Lab Testing for Anabolic Steroid Harm Reduction ], an anabolic steroid harm reduction initiative that provides independent and objective analytical lab testing of underground steroid products. It is the most ambitious program of its kind ever created with a goal of at least 200-300 lab analyses in the first 12 months and 500+ analyses per year in the future. The unannounced, random and repeated testing of all the popular steroids produced by all the popular steroid manufacturers and underground laboratories will provide an unparalleled database to help consumers make better-informed decisions about anabolic steroid use. The program will finally give consumers a reliable way to objectively evaluate the quality and safety of underground steroid products.

    Game Changer for Health and Safety of Steroid Users

    An independent analytical lab testing program will have a major impact on harm reduction efforts for the non-medical anabolic steroid user. A comprehensive program involving steroid quantification testing, microbiological testing and heavy metal testing will answer the following questions about underground steroid products:

    (1) Does the product contain the correct dosage of the active ingredients listed on the label?

    (2) Does the product contain another similar substance as a substitution for what is listed on the label (e.g. stanozolol instead of oxandrolone)?

    (3) Does the product contain impurities and contaminants?

    (4) Does the product contain additional steroid precursors, unidentified steroidal compounds and/or other intermediary substances?

    (5) Does the product contain heavy metal contamination (e.g. lead, mercury, arsenic)?

    Trusted Testing Facilities

    The steroid analytics will be conducted by Simec AG, an internationally-recognized, fully-accredited and licensed testing facility in Switzerland:
    • GMP Certification through Swissmedic (the Swiss agency for therapeutic products)
    • ISO/EN 17025 accreditated by SAS (Swiss Accreditation Service, STS 443)
    • Successfully audited by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)
    In addition to its credentials, Simec specializes in "steroid analytics" as one of its special services:

    "The subject of steroids remains very delicate: The use and or possession of steroids are forbidden in many countries, and they are frequently abused for doping. There are many dubious suppliers, which introduce poor quality or even fraudulently labelled products to the market.

    "In Switzerland, steroids analytics and the importation and possession of corresponding reference standards is permitted by the authorities.

    "Over the years, we have established the determination for a large number of very different steroids in our laboratory, but new products are constantly being introduced... While doing so, we were able to uncover false information about the content or ingredients several times and thus contribute to the prevention of further serious harm to the health of users."

    Simec AG could very well be one of the best prepared and most qualified labs to analyze anabolic steroids.

    Costs and Funding

    Quantitative dosage testing (HPLC analyses) costs $200+ per sample, microbiological testing (TAMC) and heavy metal testing (ICP-OES screening) each costs another $100 per sample. Given its high costs, the continued viability of the program will depend on the generous support and donations of individuals and organizations that want to advance the state of harm reduction for anabolic steroid users.

    I want to appeal to everyone who reads this announcement to consider making a small donation. With the support of the entire community, we can have a major impact on the health and safety of anabolic steroid users.

    More Information

    For more information, please visit Anabolic Lab - Independent Analytical Lab Testing for Anabolic Steroid Harm Reduction

    Thank you in advance.
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    Please sign up for the email newsletter at:

    Newsletter - Anabolic Lab

    We will post a major announcement today. And we will also notify subscribers everything new lab results are posted online.
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    Bumping this thread in an effort to help keep the scope and goals of AnabolicLab in perspective, particularly for new members who are unaware of the program.
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    I would love to support anaboliclabs, i just don't understand how i know if i even have that actual product or somebody just slapped fake label on? pointless until somebody explains that to me. thanks
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    I would love to support anaboliclabs, i just don't understand how i know if i even have that actual product or somebody just slapped fake label on? pointless until somebody explains that to me. thanks

    Click to expan
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    To clarify, you're saying that AnabolicLab could buy a product and have it tested however, you may attempt to buy the same product and get scammed because you don't know exactly who the product was obtained from when AnabolicLab purchased it?
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    Exactly. new to the internet anabolic world since falling out with my local source. basically just stressed feeling like i'm going in circles, read one thing and then find a contradiction on the source or info elsewhere. guess i keep grindin lol. thanks for any help
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    I think that this is a common issue for some individuals that are new to the internet UGL scene, I've seen this question being mentioned before.

    Perhaps @Millard Baker would like to address this subject with some of his thoughts but I'll share mine.

    First of all, we need to TRY to be wise consumers. Sounds funny when we're referring to buying steroids online, but it's true. If you have come across a source that's selling Pharmacom products for example, but it's not through a known/authorized reseller or from pcom themselves then you're likely not on the right track in your journey to avoid being scammed.

    Secondly, AnabolicLab is a great program but it's only one part of the puzzle. We need to do further due diligence to before making our purchases. AnabolicLab may have shown great results for Lab "X" but the user needs to then follow up further on the lab by checking some recent blood work postings or other reviews.

    Lastly, AnabolicLab also helps show what the trend of the lab looks like from an unbiased perspective. There have been lab reports pop up that show a completely bunk product - this, in and of itself, means the program is worthy of a donation in my eyes. It helps users get started in the search of a source - determining where to buy the tested product from is beyond the scope of the program and it will also likely come in due course during the due diligence of source research.
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    thanks for the info, i'll take all i can get. guess when i figure something out and am ready to try a source i'm sure i'll appreciate the lab and definitely will be willing to help out with a donation. thanks again
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    This can not be overstated. An AnabolicLab report that shows a product meets its label claim is not a blanket confirmation of the legitimacy of the product, a "good to go" endorsement of all products produced by the tested manufacturer, or a "seal of approval" for the source.

    An AnabolicLab report is a snapshot of single product obtained anonymously on the internet black market. The snapshot can be useful in conjunction with other available evidence to consumers seeking to minimize harm from their participation in the androgen black market.

    The value of a single lab report is limited. However, the more repeat testing of products and the testing of a variety of different products can provide significantly more harm reduction value.

    As the AnabolicLab program grows and matures, its expanded testing database will allow it to become infinitely more useful in achieving its goal of harm reduction.
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    Maybe you could help me out. Are the listed providers on the site that say they have been tested. Does it mean they had good test or it tested bad. I tried c lo icking to open up the file to read more. It just stop with been tested with the above company.
    Again thanks for any help.
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    When you are on the homepage of the AnabolicLab site, click on the drop down menu below the "donate" button.

    Click on an option like "lab results" and scroll down. When you see a product or manufacturer you're interested in checking out - just click on the name. It'll bring you to a page that'll show you pictures and testing results of the product.

    Maybe Millard will consider changing the font from black to another color that makes its stand out as an active link.
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    Thats man. I finally figured it out. Brain fart i guess lmao. I had click on everything but the actual picture. Once i did ta-da it was like magic. Lol their they were. Again thanks for the reply
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    No problem. < if you click on this and view messages or media you can see lab results too.
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    I'm curious about something. I noticed a lot of brands tested are carried by a certain source that is much maligned on this site. One of these reasons I bought from them is because of the labs results on your site. You seem to have a lot of respect from the members here so they obviously must think your testing is legit and not influenced by donors. So is it the brands you carry that the outspoken members don't like or the source that carries them (Naps). I am not a shill of Naps. I had one order go through pretty smooth but that's it.
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    Thanks eman !
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    Members are critical of most sources on Meso. The pro and con perhaps of an uncensored board... maybe we let it go to our heads sometimes?

    AnabolicLab tests products that they feel will have the greatest impact for the most consumers possible so it would make sense that a large, well known distributor like naps would be an ideal candidate for testing.

    On the other hand, a large, well known distributor like naps is not without issues. One of which was a data leak that led to the public posting of customer names and personal information.

    The main point here though is that these things have next to nothing to do with AnabolicLab and it's scope.
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    Great statement Eman. I believe many of us can let the uncensored nature of Meso go to our heads at times.
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