Anabolx SQS mid cycle labs....not good

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by OldFatAndSlow, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    Product is testCyp300 from @anabolx

    Pinning 660mg testC/wk divided into two pins monday and friday

    TT is 2642 from 758
    E2 is 60 from 38

    Labs drawn 48hrs from pin#12

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  2. DHulk

    DHulk Member

    Just curious how you dosed 660mg week or did you mean 600mg week?
  3. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    1.1cc twice a week
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  4. rugerjitsu

    rugerjitsu Member

    Looks like underdosed gear...I gotta think numbers would be higher than that by pin 12.
  5. Havent run these guys, but this isnt the first weak lab. Ive been following Rays thread from day one n hoping for the best but will continue to shop elsewhere. At 500mg that would be 660mg..?? How was the free test number?
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  6. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    Just says greater than 50...
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  7. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    From my labs and others recently, id say the gear is 25% underdosed. I bieve their cyp300 is 200, maybe 250 max
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  8. Im no expert, but yeah, i would want those numbers at 400-500mg...not sure how split pin plays into it though. Thanks for the labs bro...
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  9. @Roger rabbit, what do you think Sir?
  10. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    Well you can always expect a lower total number when pinning twice per week. But, the numbers @OldFatAndSlow have seems to be the reoccurring issue of on the lower side like many have seen. but like I said in another post sqs seems to continue to have low scores on blood tests , one after another, then of course their arrogant rep comes on and tries to smooth it over but failed epic style....

    If it were me, I would be cautious of sqs simply for the fact they do nothing but claim their gear is the best and bash members when confronted... instead of going back to the drawing board and seeing if there is actually an issue.

    They are obviously having issues because around the time the npp had a recall they were starting to prepare to make amps, then many started reporting low blood results around the same time. So they are, in my opinion rushing the process, or cutting corners somewhere, but quality right now I don't feel is there.
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  11. Yep, been following that...even the shit he said today and his quality, most expensive tops...i needed an intelligent, logical summary on Anobolx n tried not to jump the gun...but this was another nail in the SQS coffin and they are now a no-go for me...Thanks brother.
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  12. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    Ima pin up what i have left on a shorter cycle at higher dosage and wash my hands as well.
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  13. Yeah sorry bro....n im sure ur making progress...u were just on a smaller dose apparently...maybe adjust accordingly if u have extra. edit duh, u already said shorter cycle higher dose, my bad.
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  14. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    Ya i have another 10ml beyond what i figured on. I can get to where i need to be but its gonna take every drop of 30ml and a shortened cycle to make it happen. I feel like my first 6 weeks werent wasted, but not what i intended on. Like i say, it could be worse, those numbers could still be natty, or the gear could have been dirty. All worse options than underdosed.
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  15. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    I do remember SQS Labs itself was on here and they got run off.
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  16. Kazimieras

    Kazimieras Junior Member

    Little late reading this. What was the issue with the NPP from SQS? I got a couple vials hanging around. Should I chuck them... or they just weak?
  17. OldFatAndSlow

    OldFatAndSlow Member

    Major major Ray to make it right. He was doing so.
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  18. puckhog

    puckhog Member Supporter

    Chuck em bro. Unless you like 7day pip that makes u unable to walk. Ray will do you right if you contact him.
  19. Kazimieras

    Kazimieras Junior Member

    You know what? I had pinned it yesterday and thought "man, that felt like I injected cement." I just figured it was a bad pin on my part. I rubbed the living shit out of it, it was still like a wasp sting. Still sore.... thank god I have back up coming from a better source. Glad they are doing right by people (dosing right and not having to recall would be more "right"). Noe I'm worried about the dosing on my test Prop. That is smooth at least. No pip at all... hope there's test lol I should know better and just use people I trust.
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  20. puckhog

    puckhog Member Supporter

    I am currently running SQS test prop alongside my pharma trt meds (with NPP, Mast P. Pharmacom)!I have pre bloods on the pharm trt and will do bloods in another 4 weeks to see what the prop is doing. I know this isnt standard protocol but it will still give me an idea if the prop is okay.
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