Anadrol and anavar stack

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Thesauceboss, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Thesauceboss

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    Hey guys, nearing the end of my cycle of test/ nandrolone. Would it be a wise idea to throw in some Anadrol at about 25 Mgs a day, on top of my Anavar at 60 mg per day. Definitely want to keep the anadrol at a lower dose. Would the anavar lessen the puffiness I'd get from anadrol in anyway ?
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    Why? Sounds like your shit scared of losing some weight gains. If you are then why Anavar? And I don't think anavar is going to counteract with drol the way you are describing it. What's your goal? It just doesn't make sense running a cutting steroid with a bulking steroid and are both liver toxic.
  3. Nordic

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    If just choose one or the other. Taking both is like trying to pull your body two different ways. Since you were going more for mass just stick with adrol. Even if you get a little puffy once your done cycle and if you diet is on point you'll lose that water retention/puffy look real quick
  4. Thesauceboss

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    Ive been on cycle since November, and am coming off until July. I was just wanting anavar to clean the gains up, and with the drol I was thinking it would just add that much more mass before pct. I figured 25mgs would add some nice strength and not fill me up with water, I know anavar would do the same and the gains would be cleaner, and I assume what your getting at is that it would be pointless to run both? I have heard that the 2 of them stacked can work in synergy. Thanks for the input
  5. the_one

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    "Using Anavar to clean the gains up"

    Are your gains covered in dirt, or perhaps spaghetti sauce?

    What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? I hear statements like this a lot, and it's bolognia bullshit.

    Muscle tissue is muscle tissue. Water weight is water weight, fat is fat.

    Yes, muscle density and hardness can be affected by strong androgens , but all these loose, floppy sayings like "cleaning up my gains" just sounds so ignorant and "bro science"-ish.

    Figure out what "cleaning up my gains" really means, then just fucking say that.
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  6. the_one

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    If you're gonna run drol, run it at a full dose and drop the var to 30mg ed.

    Have you used Anadrol before?
  7. SJB78

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    Just fuck the orals off all together. Anavar is a shit steroid and only good for woman and drol will provide some short term gains but probably not the best for end of cycle. Add a good injectable like masteron or tren.
  8. Thesauceboss

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    Ya man ran it in 2 other cycles
  9. I don't see the point in combining the two. Use the drol some other time and just run the var at 40mg qd.
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  10. Big_paul

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    What about E2? Neither var or drol aromatize.
  11. 9 month cycle...:eek:
  12. SJB78

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    bye bye testicles.....