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  1. Sampei

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    So the goods are in the house and we are ready to roll :)

    26 years old
    5' ft
    bf: 22% (not sure about this) she holds fat not equally spread, so the upper body is much less then that % but the lower is not.
    Diet: Carb Cycling 1500kcal is the medium day, so will be something like this.

    Heavy Day: 150 C - 160 P - 40 F
    Medium Day: 100C - 160P - 40 F
    Light Day: 50C - 160P - 40F
    she will keep rotating the days but will always have 2 L days before cheat and after cheat, does it make sense? H-M-L-H-M-L-Cheat-L-H-M-L-H-L-Cheat-L-H-M-L-H-L-Cheat-L etc.
    she will have one cheat meal a week, and we usually go hard on it, she eat like a truck, we usually go for Pizza-Fries-Steak-Icecream all in one go, mostly dinner.

    Cycle will be:

    12 weeks of
    25mg drol split in 2 doses ED, that should be 12.5mg x2 a day.

    Training it's 4 days a week until my gym start being open 3 days a week and in that case the training will be only 3x a week.

    She does this split:

    Monday - Legs
    Tuesday - Back/Biceps
    Wensday - Chest/Triceps
    Friday - Legs/Shoulder

    Until now monday was heavy leg day focused on squat/legpress and hams in general, high weight low rep (max of 6 in general) and Friday was higher reps lighter weight on a range of 10-12.
    Now we wanna try to increase volume and we will do that increasing the total reps. So all exercises will be 10-12 reps except the first one where she will go as heavy as possible with an 8 reps max.

    Just an Idea of how she trained legs until now:

    Squat 4x6 165lbs
    Leg Press 4x6 305lbs
    Leg Extension 4x8 110lbs
    Lunges 4x8 35lbs x2
    Glutes machine 4x10

    From the start of the cycle it will be instead something like:

    Squat 4x8
    Leg Press 4x10
    Leg Extension 4x12
    Lunges 4x12
    Glutes Machine 4x15

    All training suggestion are welcome! We are both kinda inexperienced about training so if you have any idea, please share :)

    We are both excited on the future results of this cycle, especially because I have bought to many Drol tablets soooooooo I'm gonna run it as well ahahhaha :)
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    Subby subbed!!!

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  3. GearGodess

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    What's her end goal for this cycle? I imagine size based on the low reps?

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  4. Wendylifts

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    Awesome! How long is she going to cycle?
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  5. Sampei

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    Nope, you didn't read well or I explained it wrong, we are changing to 10-12 reps on all exercises except first one done at 8 reps. So it's a BB kind of training, before was more of a strength low rep training (KINDA)

    We try to use progressive overload, but it's not easy especially during a cut like we are both doing. She is maintaining her strength so for now it's all good, mostly keeping same weight just increasing reps, when the drol will kick in the strength should increase, I'm worried about injury so better go slow and maybe increase reps even more before start adding plates to her main lift.

    She needs to lose body fat, especially in her tights, she has kinda of a nice bum for being so small but the main problem are her tights. The upper body is quite good I have to say, when she was on Anavar she was getting big as fuck, all the men were commenting with me about her shoulders and back, everyone joking how she looked like a beast while training lol

    logically you can imagine that she doesn't give much of a fuck on her upper body especially when the lower one doesn't satisfy her at all.
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  6. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    12 weeks but we will have bloods at 6 or 8 weeks mark to assess situation.
    Hope she will not have to stop due to other kind of side effect (hairs, voice etc.)
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  7. GearGodess

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    Ahhh yes... I see that... ok... sorry....

    Agreed! Low rep...strength and size, high reps is sculpting ;)

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  8. GearGodess

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    I never done Anadrol for longer than 6-8 weeks so I'm curious how she'll do over the 12 weeks... she will love the insane strength from it

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  9. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    well in the end it's all about diet but yeah we wanna change a bit the way we trained for almost a year, just to do something different or it gets boring fast.
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  10. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    she never did anadrol at all.... so don't know lol
    I hope she will not get bloated from it or she will hate me big time xD
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  11. GearGodess

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    Her diet will have huge impact on what she will get out of it and if she holds water... from what I've seen on myself... anadrol is forgiving compared to dbol... but both gave size and strength fairly quickly.... please keep us all informed on her progress :)

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    OMG totaled subb'ed!:cool:
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    Subbed, thanks for sharing. this could be very helpful
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    Sweet this will be interesting, subbed in

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  15. Michael7

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    Good luck with your cycle :)
  16. OdieM

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    @Sampei will your girl be joining and posting? That would be cool to have another chick and hear all this from her. It would do it more justice. Also curious as to why guys make logs for their girls if the girl is cool with it why doesn't she just join. Really I'm just curious cause I'm sure no one here would like someone else making a log for them. I know I wouldn't.
  17. Crystal234

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    I've been curious about this too. I think it's great that guys are doing logs for their women but I also wonder why they aren't here doing it themselves.
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  18. I'm in total agreement with this, although I think in Sampei's case there may be a bit of a language issue for her.
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  19. Happycamper

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    Can you post pics along the way? I'd love to visually see how a BB program would change a physique on cycle when prior training was strength based.
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  20. Sampei

    Sampei Member Supporter

    She is not that great in English first of all but even if she was I don't think she would care much of having a log. She Is not really an Internet girl, even less a forum one. So the choice would be no log at all or I do the log. I don't do it for her... But for the other women, to share the experience so they will have a bit more of an idea of what can happen etc.

    I'll have to ask her if she would like to take few pics for a before and after.
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