anadrol cycles,dont see many here?

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by suncom3, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. suncom3

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    I read good things about drol for women,is there a reason no one in this forum has tried it? Looks pretty anabolic with little androgenic effects?
  2. D-max

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    Wondered the same thing, especially since I've read several places it's less virilizing than Anavar.
  3. suncom3

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    That’s what I was thinking. it’s less expensive so prolly faked less
  4. Brandaddy

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    I'm not a woman, therefore I haven't really studied the effects steroids have on women.

    My only concern is I seemed to have an increase in shoulder and back hair growth, and got some decent acne breakouts on it. Whereas Anavar I never really get bad sides from, just look dry, full, and vasky. I don't know if women are as susceptible to ance and body hair, but if they are, I would think that might be a turn off to women that want to retain their femininity?
  5. wedorecover

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    My wife ran it worked good she was a raging bitch ... like me on tren
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    thats strange,less androgenic than var.but in these 2 examples,sounds like more.
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    There are a few logs here. Plus if you search the women's section, it has come up in conversation many times in the last few years.

    Anadrol is awesome for women. Insane strength gains so yeah, aggression goes up for sure.
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  8. Maximllor

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    Mi wife is actually on var cycle but to the next cycle she will try low dose of oxy or Anavar combinate with low dose of dbol.
  9. Savagesteve

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    Why dbol?
  10. Maximllor

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    Because with Anavar only you don t have a big augmentation of mass but if you stack var and dbol very low dose for a women your increase strenght and mass .
  11. Savagesteve

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    Dbol in my experience is good for adding water mass not lean body mass. Has she ran dbol before? To my knowledge dbol has stronger virilization that most orals.
  12. suncom3

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    I found the same thing to be true for Anadrol and var. what’s the longest most women have run drol here. What kinda liver values were found in longer cycles ?
  13. Of course women are susceptible to virilization, they turn women into men with testosterone. The hirsutism can be permanent. Below is a more current photo of former pro female bodybuilder Denise Rutkowski, although she was prob using more gear and prob more androgenic stuff than the average women who uses roids.



    As you can see the the facial hair and scalp hair loss remain long after her juicing days have ended. That’s why extra caution is advised for women.
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    Omg, that's scary!
  15. I know, this is the only clear picture of her I could find as a women before she was transformed into man by gear. But she was a pro so she prob didn’t care about remaining feminine at the time, she might regret it now tho.


    She actually looked good here, amazing ass that I would enjoy being smothered with.
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  16. Holy fuck! She look's like a Keebler elf now. :eek::confused::oops:
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  17. lol I know, I mean she didn’t look to appealing when she was on either but the after effects, I feel bad for her. Like I said she was pretty good looking pre steroid abuse.
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    Hiii i m late sorry ^^ bill roberts speak about low dose of oxy for women: is more efficient than var and winy and girl have less side effect. But i m worry to try whith my wife because just whith var and primo se had some side effect like more haïr, clito enlargement, and the voice ...
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