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    I have a bag of Anadrol raw that visually looks different than what I've seen in the past. I'm used to a white powder that is similar to cialis in consistency and what I just got is a similar consistency but it has a slight yellow tint to it. It looks a lot like some tbol I have. Has anyone had experience with anadrol color variations?

    I either have a nice fatty sack of adrol or tbol. Maybe time for a testing kit...
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    Maybe just pick up a labmax and see
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    That's going to happen for sure
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    Anadrol has always being a white powder for me.

    Besides Lmax, you can buy a bottle of concentrated sulfuric acid, pour a few drops, no reaction should occur.

    Also you can buy Liebermann's or Mandelin's drug testing reagents at Ebay (for about $25 and they last dozens of tests, unlike the single use Lmax/roidtest)
    the former should give yellow-orange, the latter orange-brown

    Here's a pic of a scientific study results.
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    Ive had a few batches of androl and dbol both that had a dark offwhite color to them . I know the color can depend alot on the manufacturering process , so unless youre a bit weary of your supplier i wouldnt think to much about it . If you are though definitely wouldn't hurt to atleast labmax it for peace of mind .
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    Tagged so I can learn sumptin
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    Melting test tomorrow. Labmax when it arrives.

    Thanks for the input guys. Not weary of the supplier, just have already ordered the test is all.
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