Anadrol Homebrew problem do not dissolve

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  1. DrDylan

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    Trying to homebrew Anadrol from ppl, all is from ppl except carrier oil

    2.5g Anadrol powder
    2.5ml BA
    2.5ml BB
    5ml Guaiacol
    37.5ml Sesame Oil

    Cooking in bath pan for 20 minutes and do not dissolve also tried 10ml of guaiacol, powder get stuck on bottom what can be wrong?
  2. Ripped

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    @LordSamuilo can help you if you listen I haven't done injectable drol yet.
    But you're recipe is off.
  3. LordSamuilo

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    I dont think you can save that at this point its so far off . 5ml of guaiacol is good , but ull need at least 25+ml of bb to get it to hold and that would put your concentration so low it wouldn't be worth using .

    Id start over with 5ml of guaiacol and 25% bb and slowly titrate up the bb until it holds for at least 30 minutes off the heat . Then add 1ml of BA and top off with your carry oil.

    Honestly its been awhile since I made injectable drol but its not an easy injectable oral like dbol for example .

    Or if youre not worried about keeping the solvents low panda has a few generic recipes for some injectable orals in his thread that will work too. They are a bit high in solvents so Ive never used them but other people have used them successfully.

    You could possibly even save that batch if have more raws , but its way more trouble than its worth to try and save 2.5g of drol lol , just start over .
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  4. DrDylan

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    Do you have a full working recipe 50mg ml ? Unluckily I did 5gr of drol lol
  5. LordSamuilo

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    If you dont care about low solvent ratio , and just want it to hold ....


    will hold tren no ester 50mg in mct for sure and its less soluble than adrol so im sure itll work fine . You could probably get it in less but i dont have an exact ratio , plus I use miglyol so even I gave you my recipe you wouldnt be able to copy it exactly . But the above will do fine .
  6. DrDylan

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    Tomorrow I ll try to add bb % as you mentioned to actual batch I did and reheat and I ll let you know thank you.
  7. LordSamuilo

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    If you already have 18%ish guaiacol (10ml G on your now 55ml brew) you already diluted your brew down to 45mg/ml roughly . If you add even 20 more ml of bb(which is a ton of solvent at that point ) your brew will be down to roughly 33mg/ml . So make sure you keep track exactly what you are putting in it because ull real quickly dilute it down and have no clue what its concentration is.

    I have a feeling this will end up working out badly , but good luck , hope you can salvage it at this point none the less.
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  8. DrDylan

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    I know buddy thanks for the tip but there is a provlem I added 30ml more of bb just to see if dissolve and still nothing! How is possible? I put a pick of the powder stuck down, tried also to stir while cooking, maybe heat is not enough or what? IMG_20180702_223455_HHT.jpg IMG_20180702_223505_HHT.jpg
  9. LordSamuilo

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    Honestly , have no clue oxymetholone has a melting point of about 360°f . Ideally, you wouldn't have to heat it to its melting point , but I always dissolve my raws in solvent first so I dont have to use as much heat.

    You dont really have the best set up either , you should never use a water bath to heat your brew . There's so much that can go wrong with that . You should atleast have a hotplate , preferably with a magnetic stir bar and at least a cheap laser thermometer (for future reference).

    Aside from that yeah crank the heat up on it slowly and see if your can just force it into solution . Just keep in mind guaiacol evaporates pretty quickly so if you leave it on open heat to long its not gonna make your problem any easier.
  10. DrDylan

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    Well, nothing to do.... Don't know why don't dissolve , should I try again to dissolve it only in solvents with ratio you mentioned and after add oil?
  11. LordSamuilo

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    Yeah if you have the extra raw id start from scratch.

    1 -Add the raws and 5% guaiacol + 35%bb only

    2- heat until it goes into solution (stir the entire time your heating it). Start on medium and SLOWLY titrate heat until it dissovles though. This is difficult because of what you're working with(no hot plate/thermometer but you can make it work.

    3- simultaneously in a seperate breaker heat the carrier + 0.06%ba to roughly the same temp as your solution

    4- once both are completely homogenized add heated carrier to your solution and continue stirring until you can no longer see any "swirls" im the solution..

    thats about all the more I can really help you if you cant make that work. The only other things id note is sesame seed oil isnt the optimal carrier for base injectables . Temp control is very important with base compounds because go to hot and your solvents (mainly G) evaporate enough to screw with the ratio's . Go to low and the base wont dissolve .

    And if all that fails id be curios if your raw powder was oxymetholone and not oxandrolone or stanoz , because adrol is really not that hard of a compound to dissolve. It can crash easily but really shouldnt be this much of a task to get INTO solution .
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  12. DrDylan

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    Thank you so much I followed your steps dissolving it in solvents and it worked! Dissolved in 2-3 minutes while continuing stir, I hope it will hold now, again thank you !

    So mixing all together and brew is not working from today I will always before dissolve in solvents..
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  13. LordSamuilo

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    No problem it should hold fine . I just tested it myself because I wanted see how easy it was to do on the stove top like your doing it . It worked perfect is is holding fine with the ratio i gave . Plus my Anadrol is hplc tested so I know its definitely 99%+/- pure adrol .
    I used mct so itd be as close to yours as possible, so you should be good to go my man ..
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  14. DrDylan

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    I always used sesame oil is very thick but painless compared to ethyl oleate which also cause me allergy reaction and painful, what you tell me about mct?
  15. LordSamuilo

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    Mct is a good carrier , thinner oil , holds a good amount of powder in solution , has a higher smoke point , low oxidation rate , and very few people react negatively to it . Not alot of down sides to it. Miglyol840 is my go to oil , but some people do react badly to it . So its not something everyone can use , but mct is somewhat similar to mig minus the pip some people get.
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  16. master.on

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    I had to settle for 20-25 mg/ml Adrol in oil (for oral use, not injectable), since it just wouldn't dissolve at 50 mg-ml

    Most steroids will decompose if heated to their melting points.
  17. LordSamuilo

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    Thats debatable because ive dug through alot of literature , and while steroids definitely decompose from heat . The best answer i could ever find is that once they hit their smoking point they are decomposing. Not any specific temperature though ....
    Thats the ncbi data sheet for base testosterone . Its melting point is 151°C , but granted ive made alot of test base never seen it smoke . But ive also never heated my brews up to 150°C either..

    So I dont know , id say rule of thumb , if its smoking your gear is fucked . Besides that theres no evidence that a specific temp degrades a certain compound.

    Edit: and probably could follow that study further down the rabbit hole and find the temp base test degraded at . But no point really since every other compound still won't be answered for.
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  18. DrDylan

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    Bad news Bro, my Anadrol crashed with your recipe, your is still good?
  19. DrDylan

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    Plus noticed two things in mct oil crashed in one night, in sesame oil crashed in 3 days
  20. LordSamuilo

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    Mines got a couple little Crystals in it too .. its not completely crashed though , a quick little heat job and they dissapeared .

    your 2 options are either heat it a bit every couple days , or re-work it and up the guiacol a little bit . This is why injectable orals are pretty much a terrible idea , it doesn't give you an advantage over taking them orally and they are unstable and unpredictable.

    If your new to brewing it's probably not something id try again. Theyre one of the harder things to brew .